Sunday, September 28, 2008

Breaking News : The Sudanese army attacked the abductors

Ok there was a lot of action today’s afternoon at the North West of Sudan because it seems that the Sudanese army has attacked the abductors in order to free the hostages.

Now according to the official statements from Sudan ; 6 abductors were killed including the leader , two were arrested and nothing about the tourists !!

There are some sources saying that the rest of the abductors or kidnappers took the hostages and escaped in to Chad !!”How many are they ??”

Hopefully we will know sooner the identity of this gang and their nationality.

Today I read that they are mix of Africans from Egypt and Chad and they are heavy loaded with guns.

I think their number according to this recent reports is more than the 5 we know , may be 5 of them kidnapped the hostages from Egypt where as the rest were waiting for them in Sudan !!

Ok now they are saying that the abductors are from the Sudan Liberation army ,did not the SLA denied  its involvement ??

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