Thursday, September 25, 2008

Now they moved to Libya

The news is in the CNN and its source is Sudan ; the hostages were moved to Libya.Now the Libyans are involved officially and I do not know if that was good or bad but I know for sure that the abductors moved the hostages to Sudan because of the stupid Sudanese statements about the identification of the location and the Egyptian Commandos waiting for a green light to kick their butts .

If the Sudanese official kept their mouths shut for some time things would be better.

For sure the abductors know their way very well in the area and this is why I believe they are from the locals.

On the other hand ,I read that on contrary to the Egyptian official statements , there are direct talks between us and the abductors , I do not know why they are denying , already we should have these talks because we got 8 hostages under their mercy.

The identity of the hostages are still unknown for the public.The only thing we know is that they are Africans but from which African country ??


  1. The amazing thing is how very easy it is to sneak in through the borders of Egypt, Sudan and Libya!

    What saddens me the most is the effect of this stupid incident on the tourism :-(

  2. Do you know what I keep thinking of in this incident? The tourists' activities of daily living. How they have supplies of food and drinking water. How they take shower in this burning desert. How they boo and pee under abduction specially some of them are women. What they do all day if there movement is restricted. How their safety is guaranteed if one of the abductors think he might have sex with one of the tourists under threat. On the other hand how the abductors think the money will be delivered to them. Would they think it will be dropped from a heliocopter? It can't be by check because it will carry a name. Then would it be in cash? How they gonna count 6 million bills in that windy desert. 1000 funny questions come into my mind

  3. @Hina Wa Hank , this is why I believe they are from the natives , it is not easy to move in that area, The tourism season this fall and winter is gone with the wind dear

    @He and She, there are even more than 1000 serious questions about this incident , how did they get in Egypt ?? How did they choose this particular group ?? what will they do with this money ?? ..etc


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