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Asmahan : The Voice

For sure a voice like Asmahan’s can be repeated twice in the same time. Asmahan or Amal Atrash is said to inherit her mother’s voice. Still if you listen to her and her brother you feel a great different.Princess and singerP.S I forgot to mention last time that in the TV series there was an excellent Lebanese actress called Ward Al-Khal ,that should be praised for her role as Aliya Al Munzer,the mother of Asmahan”
Her voice was so pure,powerful and strong like the crystal.
Um Kalthoum should be jealous from her despite their voices are different. I do not think that Um Kalthoum can sing a song like “Ya Habibi Taalaal” and Asmahan can sing “Inta Omri” or “Fakorni” with the same emotions and strong voice of Thuma. Of course this rivalry did not reach to the level that Thuma would be behind her tragic death,that was a dirty rumour by the British forces to divert any accusation of their involvement in her death.
I love Asmahan’s song “Ya Habibi Taalaal” because it was a modern song in its time. I was surprised to know that it was based on a modern Turkish song,already I am searching for the original one.
Here is the song composed by the famous Madhat Assam

Also here is a song “Imta Ha  Traf _ when you will know” from her last film “Love and Vengeance”, she did complete that film and they had to change the ending to sad one where Youssef Wahbi loses his love and acts like crazy with his violin. Tags:


  1. spiritual breeze10/05/2008 11:59:00 PM

    Salam sister ... Nice post dear ...
    I sometimes watched the series .. and I liked both of Ward el Khal and Ahmed Shaker ( Fareed ) .. Both of Asmahan and Thuma each had her own style and type of voice so neither of them could exchange their roles in the art ..
    Actually I knew those 2 songs by Asmahan before watching the series and I enjoy them too much .. especially ( ya habiby taala ) .. It's hard to imagine that it was sung about 70 years ago ... I'm sure it was a great hit at that time ... no the voice nor the music were usual on these days ...
    Thanks sister .. nice choice ..
    stay fine :)

  2. N. American Princess10/06/2008 02:47:00 AM

    Z did u c the interview on Nile Drama with all of the actors and actresses from Ismahan?

  3. @spiritual Breeze,you welcome my dear , Ward Al Khal was more than fantastic seriously and Ahmed Shaker was reborn again
    and I agree Ya Habiby Talaa was not from that time at all ,even in its duration , it is short and not a Tarab one still it is wonderful

    @N.American Princess, unfortunately I missed it by the way I found links for the TV series if you want to download it

  4. N. American Princess10/07/2008 09:54:00 PM

    Sure if u have them that would be lovely.

  5. I will send the links through emails then

  6. Hi, I am from france and i am also asmahan's fan. Ya habibi taâla is also my favorite song. If you find the original in turk, let us know! Thanks for all those informations! Masala.

  7. @Christophe , sure I will :)

  8. I am here because Fatima Mernissi has written a long chapter on "Princess Asmahan" in her wonderful memoir Dreams of Tresspass. I highly recommend it. Shukran.

  9. thanks for this article verry nice.i'm egyptian and away from home and this article made me feel i'm back home in egypt

  10. TODAY I AM SAD,INDEED VERY Sad,as i read in few London based Arabic papers...that sweet-baby-face Lebanese singer M.MONA MAR-AASHLY left us FOR GOOD..and after 42 years ,as SHE became a household name in 1974..thanks to STUDIO EL FANN weekly programmeo By Director SIMON ASSMARand presenters Ms.SONIA BEYROUTI AND Mr.ANTOINE BAROUD
    or semi>> ARAB IDOL show, appearing on the T.V. screen ,canat/channel 7 of Lebanese Television s .basement floor at TAL-LET EL KHAI-YAT close to Beirut s UNESCO building consecutive Saturdays/I personally did attend and witness 2 or 3 of them,as a Photographer and reporter for a weekly Mag. to such events...where i was surrounded by >>in 1974<< young hopefuls whom trying to get the>> Gold Medal<< or even the Bronze one,and become Lebanon s and Arab world s new crooners or Poets such as participants like Mr. NAIIM FAR-HAT ..ABDEL GHANI TELLAISS and few others too..where i met Mr. WALEED TOUFIQ..GHASSAN SALIBA..ABDO YA-GH..NAZIH
    EL MOGHRABI..RAJA BA-DER, and young LADIES such as Great M.MAGIDA EL ROUMI(Daughter of Immortal crooner/composer Late: Mr.HALIM EL ROUMI??)..NIHAD FATTOUH (Daughter of Late/Great singer Madam SOUAD MOHAMMAD?)..AMAL TONB aka RONZA...AFAF DAGHER..DOHA SABBAGH.. MAHA YAM-MIN,..HODA ROHANA famed with Her song HABIBI BIHEB ELTEESH...and of course the late M.MONA MAR-AASHLY??..All were rivals ,but with hearts of GOLD,no jealousy or envy envy..parted them from their close friendship,all such time and those few weeks they sang famous crooners songs ,as MONA herself chose Late /GREAT Lady of the Arab song M.OUM KALTHOUM s YAA MESSAHARNI & HOU-WA SAHEEH EL HAWA GHAL-LAB..with young but sad tear jerking voice..and took us back to 1940 s very young reminder of>>THE Star of the ORIENT. OUM KALTHOUM??...But SHE always refused to be called HER generation s Om Kalthoum, as a modest move by HER ,admitting Herself, that they were both OCEANS apart in their talents...HER singing success began with her OWN song SHAMS EL MAGHAREB or>>The SUN SET song??..followed by many other popular ones too...SHE was a STAR by the approval and judges such as Lebanese composers ABDEL GHANI SHAABAN/Great M.ZAKI NASSIF/Mr.ROMEO LAH-HOUD/ lyric writer such as Late Mr.Poet MICHELE TOH-MEH/YAACOUB SHEDRAWI/MAROUN KARAM...To get their votes ONE has to be REAL TALENTED participant,,which Beloved MONA MAR-AASHLY...IN FACT ,WAS, but sadly SHE left us in HER 58th young years...(Born 1958)... May GOD, whom gave her that talent bless, HER soul too, as SHE undoubtedly joined the Angels in praising GOD, as SHE enriched our hearing for at least 42 years..MAY SHE ALWAYS REST IN HEAVENLY..PEACE!! ,,With my sincere tears i say>>> FAREWELL DEAR MONA!!,& may GOD bless ALL!! from ;Is-hak BARSOUMIAN /in rainy-LONDON


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