Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Victory to Laila; A Victory to Noha

Today there was a historical court order against Sexual harassment in Egypt , a victory to Laila, a victory to all women in Egypt.

Noha Roshdy  was sexually harassed by Sharif Gabril from couple of months and for the first time she was Noha in the trial determinant to bring her harasser in front of justice to pay for his crime , it is crime.

Noha stood bravely on behalf of all the girls and women in Egypt.

The Sexual harasser Gabril took 3 years in jail and this considered the first court rule in the history for the first time in Egypt.

Already I want to say something , the judge made the trial a secret trial which means no one except the involved parties attended the trial despite that the family of the harasser and the friends of Noha attended the historical trial.

Of course the family of the harasser defended their son and accused Noha as if they do not have a girl , saying that they are from the country side with morals that do not permit them to act like this !! And Noha the rude city girl said the word “boobs” in the police reports !! No good girl should stay this word !! Let them say what they want !!

Of course it is still long road but Noha ,the brave Laila .

To break the silence and taboo , it is not a shame to report sexual harassment , the real shame is to shut up.

Prophet Mohamed ‘PBUH’ once said : The one who does not show or does not speak about the truth is a silent devil .

The person who sees a sexual harassment incident in front of his eyes and does not report or even it try to stop it is a silent devil.If we are real religious society that follows the Sunna then why we do not follow this important rule.

The girl or the woman who fears to report the harassment incident is a silent devil because may be she survived a sexual harassment but another sister of her can be a victim of rape from the same person if he is not stopped.

The father or family who does not support her daughter to take her right think that it is sort of shame to open this taboo because it is a stain ,they are a family of devil.

Do not be a silent devil.

The police will take it seriously if they find people are taking seriously.

By the way there is an investigation in the interior ministry about the disgraceful treatment Noha received in the police station.

Here is an interview in the 7th day weekly newspaper with Noha Roshdy

Photographs : Noha in the trial ,the source the 7th day Weekly newspaper.


  1. Hooray, one step closer to a better civilization in Egypt. Not that Egypt is not civilized, but I mean more with the right of humans and decent laws. =)

    I hope many women will follow her footsteps in order to stop the harassment that is taking much ground in Egypt these days.

  2. good for her, hope she wins.

  3. ok, i just read part of the interview, amazing!! what do you say: Gad3a? :)

    btw, how did she manage to drag him to the police station?!!!

  4. Aside from genrealision which I hate it, I understand her courage to face such thing in a society that still framwork women into a disgusting category of 'Hot or Not'.

  5. Beside all the problems of this country, that is the Egypt I love.

    I'm happy that she had the bravery to stop her agressor and bring him to trial. I'm happy that the egyptian justice gave finaly a fair sentence to the crazy harasser.

    This is an important signal for the women of egypt not to fear anymore their agressors, not to fear the intimidations of society and to ask for their rights and freedom to be fulfilled, and that police has to protect them.

    The other important signal is that egyptian men are massive sexually frustrated and that the big violence they are trying to contain is blowing out in crazy way. The islamic model of the "pure and respectful" is falling down. The hypocrisy of a system that has been blind and false for years rejecting always the fault (the sickness) on occidental way of life and always affirming that "in islamic country, rape and harrasment were inexistent". Today many recent tragic examples are showing the truth.

    Egypt needs Love and free sexual relations ! No control in your houses, control of your neighbours, control of bawabs, just freedom and security !

  6. @Medsha , I share your wish

    @lootl,she won and for sure she is real Gad3a
    she dragged him to the police station through a single man a 20 years old passer by who felt her anger and that she was right

    @Hicham, it is not only our society that categorize women "Hot or not" to be honest ,the problem is why the society turned from a respectable one in the past in to what we see

    @anonymous , It is not about Islam for God Sake , from 30 years ago people were conservatives too and you did not find all that and it is not about the veil or marriage
    I do not accept this sexual freedom because it will not bring nothing except more troubles


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