Saturday, November 15, 2008

Follow Up : The Trial of Suzanne Tamim’s murder

Ok today was the big day the media was waiting. The hearings of Suzanne Tamim’s murder trial have started today.

Interesting enough some lawyer “I do not know if he were Talaat 15 November trial (1) Al-Sadat or not” wanted to include both Gamal Mubarak and Habib Al Adly , the minister of interior as witnesses !! Gamal would comment on the behaviour of Hisham as the later is the member of the NDP Policies committee and Habib would comment on the behaviour of Al Sokary as the later used to work in the State Security when Habib used to head it!!

I think this is more of a public stunt as described by Al Jazeera.

Anyhow the defense of Hisham demanded that a team from the 15 November trial (2) court would travel to Dubai and interrogate the neighbours and the forensics. Farid Al-Dib said it clearly everywhere that he believed that El-Sokary did not kill Suzanne and this is how he would prove Hisham’s innocence.

Hisham requested from Judge to issue a publication ban on his business secrets including the contracts ,I think he knew in his 5 stars jail what Al Sadat did and he is so mad because he knew that this is another storm on the way .

Only one witness was interrogated today. He was an Egyptian Police Officer from the Interpol.The court decided to adjourn the rest of witnesses hearings to tomorrow‘s morning “Sunday”. I should mention that tomorrow most people will not follow the trial and follow the Football match of Al Ahli Club. I wonder if the second wife of Hisham has attended this session or not.

Here are some photos from the AFP from the trial.

15 November trial (3) 15 November trial (4)

15 November trial (5) 15 November trial

Is it me or Hisham got fatter in the jail !!??


  1. Your insights are most valuable to a Western audience, because we have no idea what is really going on because CNN posts morons to cover the trial.
    Sheikh Mo of Dubai has staked his reputation on this, because with all the money laundering, Russian hitmen, hookers and sex-on-beach Brits, the last thing he needs is for Lebanese divas to be carved up in expensive apartments.

  2. Seeing the obese sedond accused, one wonders what Suzan Tamim saw in such a grotesque slug, unless of course the similar girth of his wallet had some influence. Why are all our Lebanese divas surrounded by the ugliest of men, from Matouk to the ex-Mr Nawaz and the dentist Mr Nancy?

  3. @anonymous, well do not blame the CNN ,this is something more regional or even local , anyhow I do not know if I can complete covering the story with this stupid ban :(
    anyhow well what the last thing Shaikh Mo needs is not the trial but the financial crisis which can destroy for his economic empire

    @anonymous#2,of course it is money


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