Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Matter of Trust

The crime of 6th October I mentioned before was solved. Surprisingly it turned to be a theft that went wrong and ended by a murder. The murderer turned to be  19 years old blacksmith Mahmoud Abd El-Hafiz who picked this apartment randomly in the rich neighbourhood for theft .

It is a surprise because all the contradicting news reports and the crime itself from  both girls brutal murder especially the owner of the apartment “Nadine” made it like some kind of a personal vendetta. The suspects were in the public mind some VIPs offspring from the private universities kids . The fact that nothing was stolen from the apartment whether from the jewellery those two young ladies may God bless their souls wore or the electronics in the house from TV,Mobile phones and laptops made it like some sort of a personal issue vendetta more and more.

But it turned to be a simple theft crime turned to in to a murder as you may have read in the link above. He killed them for L.E 200 only , sorry he slayed them for L.E 200 !!

According to the police official story based on the confession of the blacksmith he freaked out and was scared when he found one of the girls in front of him and thus he began to kill them one after another like that !! It was his first theft after all.

I do not need to tell you that many people are disbelieving that ending including the mother of Heba Laila Ghofran.

Beside the strange official story that can be true by the way, people now tend to disbelieve the interior ministry thanks to the later very long record  in lying . No one can deny this fact. The interior ministry knows this fact very well and thus we found ourselves in front of a flood from filmed confessions of the murderer and footage for the re-representation of his crime on TV Channels, I do not recall that they did this with any other crime. Needless to say that the re-representation of the murder made some people suspect , I mean the Golden moment when that notorious murderer Mahmoud said in front of the camera that he did not remember was a top moment !!

Ah and I forget to tell you that he confessed his crime in front of the Police then he denied in front of the prosecution then he confessed it again !!

No Wonder many people remembered the famous case of Bani Mazaar slayer.

Again it is a matter of trust between the people and the interior ministry. If it respects the people and the law, people will believe it. if there is transparency ,people would have believed the official story very easily.If there was not torture in the police stations ,People would believe the official story.

By the way regarding the Press that is being accused in Egypt of violating the girls’ privacy , in fact the attack and the accusation reached to me. To all those who are angry ,do not be angry from the journalists but be angry from the regime and the interior ministry that let all those leaks to the press including the photos of the crime scene “ State owned Akhbar Al Hawadeth published photos of Nadine’s body in the crime scene ,can you tell me how did they get it ?? all what was published in the state owned press is approved by the regime” . I noticed from day one that official Press was the one that spreading all that stories that violated the privacy of those two girls and their families

My opinion from reading the official story is that I think that 19 years old Mahmoud can be the true murderer but he killed those two girls not for theft but for another thing , this boy can be like a hitman ,someone told him to do it, he went to kill Nadine but found Heba in his way. Why do I have this theory ?? Because it does not make sense to leave all the jewels and all those expensive stuff in the home and leave when you have all the time to steal what ever you want !! Do not tell me he freaked out because he did not freak out when he returned back to his home for days till his arrest.

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