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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Learn from the Master

I really miss Amr Moussa and every time I watch Abu El-Gait speaking in the TV or I read his statements in the Press. Moussa is like a Master compared to Abu El-Gait,after all Moussa is the student of Mahmoud Fawzy. Man I wonder what Fawzy will say if he sees Mr.Knuckles aka Abu El-Gait.
I was missing for  Amr Moussa as our FM when I saw him speaking in Davos. As much as I admired the strong angry word and action of Ragab Erodagn , I admired the strong yet quiet  word of Amr Moussa. Please re-watch the complete discussion again.
Focus on Moussa’s word this time.
Also do not miss this smart and powerful move of Moussa when he stood up and shook the hand of Erodagn when he was in his way out of the discussion after giving Perez cold shower.
That move made me miss Moussa more and more !!
Damn it !!??
Look some people did not like what Moussa had said in the discussion believing that  it was weaker than Erodgan ,well Perez did not provoke Moussa like he did  with the Turkish Prime Minister. I would expect that Moussa would lose his temper if Perez and moderator provoked him in the same way . I think the people in the Arab world wanted so much a person who can express in their anger in that moment and the Ottoman Empire descent came in the right moment and place.
Moussa said
Do not expect that the Palestinians will be calm and quiet if they are jailed in a prison
Moussa was a diplomat in his talk , an excellent diplomat. A diplomat we miss and need now more than before in Egypt.
Abu El-Gait ,Mr. Knuckles learn from the Master
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  1. I wished you didn't miss, the UN "pokemon" sign to Moussa ordering him to sit down !

    I really can't understand how one can admire the arab secretary that didn't go to the Duha summit!

    All arab secretaries are puppets! specialists in making beautiful speeches with very strong words but with no ACTION!

    I hope that you know that since the creation of the arab league all the secretaries were egyptians. I hope that you remember how mubarek made big pressure on the yemenite president to withdraw his candidate when 3esmat Abdelmajid was quitting...

    we have big respect to egypt and its true militants. Change in the arab world will start from Egypt that's why we manifested in front of its amabassies ; againt the Mubarek regime, not against EGYPT!

  2. I listened to his speech now! It is a strong one, with certain words and with a position even defending Hamas and Palestinian's choice when they elected Hamas.

    I don't share those who say that cuz of Erdogan withdrew from the session it was a must for Moussa to withdrew also, things didn't work like this. I see it normal ya3ny when Ban Ki Moon asked him to sit and he did.

    You sure listened to him when he said to Ignatius that the president will take all the time so give me another 2 minutes.

    BTW Moussa is speaking English in a semi-Indian accent, isn't it? I felt it like this!

  3. @Islam_ayeh, believe it or not I did not think that the Doha summit would reach to anything because in the end all those presidents and kings are dictators
    I know that you are against Mubarak but protesting in front of our embassies,burning our flags and occupying our embassies like what happened in Yemen do not send this message , we are people with high pride of our country and its symbols including our flag and embassy.
    Regarding history ,Dear Islam I think you forgot that from 1979 to 1990 Chedli Klibi was the secertary general of the Arab league where Tunisia kindly hosted the legaue and Egypt was banned from the league for couple of years
    Already I do not understand do you think that the fact most of the secertary generals were Egyptian was bad for the leauge , you know that they were in different eras and times
    Yes I do know Mubarak did all what he could do to fail the Doha Summit , his foreign minister already admitted
    By the way what do you mean by militants ??

    @Ghafari, Moussa speaks French better as I know , he is a French graduate I believe , already he was our Ambassador to India
    Anyhow did you see what I mean ?? no one paid attention to what he really said ,is not this sad and Pathatic !!

  4. I don't know how they think, what more they want?! i defended Moussa in many conversations with friends cuz he did nothing wrong in my opinion.. If you noticed he was like preparing himself to withdrew while Erdogan was still speaking , after he ends i mean.. he even took the translation headphone off and applauded for Erdogan when he said that he will not come back again to Davos, I wonder how he knew this despite he was not listening to translation and Recceb was speaking in Turkish!! Also he was looking to the other side while Perez was speaking and even when the latter thanked him for his efforts and the Arab initiative he didn't look at him..

  5. @Ghafari , I do not know too , what if Erdogan did not do what he had done !!??
    This is too much , the problem is in the media those who defends Moussa are from the regime who are attacking Erdogan , both of them were great in his own way
    I do not know what he was supposed to do!!


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