Thursday, February 19, 2009

Because he is Japanese

The Japanese Finance minister Shoichi Nakagaw resigned after the criticism he received from the opposition and the public because of his embarrassing moment in the G7 summit in Italy.

The Japanese Finance did not embarrass himself only but embarrassed his country when he went to a press conference in Italy while he looked like a drunk. Nakagaw says that he was sick and took strong cold medicine that made him look like that. Most people in Japan do not believe as he is well known there for his drinking habits.

Well judge yourself

So embarrassing ,of course you can give the man excuse with the economic melt down all over the globe !!

Talking seriously now I respect the Japanese culture of accountability and responsibility , this man by the way can kill him for feeling guilt ,already I read that the Japanese TV aired this moment over and over .

Well for sure he did a mistake , he should not go to an international press conference in this shape whether drunk or sick , he would have cancelled it better , now he looks like a fool.

This Nakagaw’s drunken moment reminds me with Sarkozy’s golden moment from 2 years ago.

Again I respect the Japanese culture and Nakagaw , we have ministers who are in more deep trouble than Nakagaw and are insisting on embarrassing us and the country  and they do not feel any remorse at all !! Resignation is not in their diction I am afraid !!

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