Sunday, February 8, 2009

Burn by the orders of the agency

The scandal of the CIA office Chief Andrew Warren in Algeria reminds me with the moral scandals of the Egyptian intelligence case after 1967 , you know that black case that no one likes  to remember now widely because officer Safwat El-Sherif who was convicted in the case and was dismissed from the service became by a miracle minister of information for more than 20 years then currently the speaker of the Shura council. They used to have sex with women and to film them whether for pleasure or for blackmail for their own interest. From another side this is a classical secret service dirty work. Of course according to What is published Warren raped and filmed Arab women
"mainly from Algeria at the time being"
When I look to the scandal and I stop at some points I do not understand. 
This scandal for sure will end the career of Andrew , it will burn him totally, of course he deserves it , but in the world of intelligence things like that do not go public in that way and this is what makes me think more.
Is it a message of change from Obama administration to both the American people and the world??
Obama already appointed Leon Panetta , who is considered as an outsider to head the agency. The CIA has a black record in human rights as we know and in the last 8 years the agency was under the fire because of the secret prisons scandals and torture. This can be more of a political message that we will punish those sick bastards in the agency and that there will be no more of Bush anti Human rights days. Panetta criticized already the way the CIA handled the case , saying that the agency should have informed the Senate and  fired Warren. There is new Sheriff in town who wants to clean the rubbish in the agency.
Is it a message to the Arab world ?? We respect you and this is a new page between us !!??

Already strangely this news did not have the impact the American media predicted up till now in the Islamic world but surely and to my surprise it caused a huge anger in Algeria , it was published in the Algerian newspapers after all. In fact there was an official on response on the scandal, the Algerian interior minister  Noureddine Yazid Zerhouni  did not exclude the possibility that Warren was recruiting those women using blackmail !!  According to Zerhouni the Algerian State did not investigate officially in the matter because the two did not inform officially the Algerian authorities but rather the American and European authorities. Both of them hold European Passports of Germany and Spain beside their Algerian nationality.The women live in Germany and Spain and both countries are investigating matter too, so you got about 5 countries involved in this scandal.

Declaring something like that is not an easy thing , declaring that you have an office for your secret service in this way in a foreign country in a hot zone region is not something ordinary but it is rather extraordinary that puzzles me.This is something you do not see in the 9 PM News even in the most democratic countries . May be the CIA acts that it has nothing to hide , it is not their mistake despite they hired a sick pervert and according to my knowledge there are periodical psychological assessments for the people who work in that field. There are indicators surely for his sick behaviour. Yes they are saying that this CIA operative was there to fight the bad terrorist but for sure his job description does not including fight the bad terrorist in the oil rich country other wise why would the interior minister of Algeria spoke about espionage !!??

Algeria is not a haven for democracy but if it were a democratic country , there would be inquiries in the Parliament because after that CIA office is spying by the end of the day on Algeria ,  last time I checked espionage is illegal regardless of the war on terrorism , he was not a communication officer between the two countries  !!
I do not need to remind you why I follow and think about the matter , Egypt too is involved. Warren worked in Egypt for two years and it seems that he was quite busy raping and filming Egyptian women too.
The General intelligence is investigating his activities and the ladies he had relations with.Officially the FBI asked the help of the Egyptian authorities aka in this case the Egyptian intelligence. The investigation and research will include the following locations in Egypt according to some news :
-The library of the American Cultural center in Cairo and Alexandria
-The US Aid Program
-The Media development program following the AUC “Do they refer to the Adham center !!??:(“
It is big research for sure. To be accurate they are searching for the Egyptian ladies who appeared in the videos. The news in websites like Al Masryon are speaking about the possibility that Egyptian women reporters and researchers could be involved in this scandal. I do not like this to come from websites like that because a regime like ours can fabricate rumours about the women researcher and reporters in Egypt because they expose its corruption.
In Any respectable country this investigation should be made for the sake of the national security , may be it is beyond rape !!

Some conspiracy theorists in the Arab world say that because he is a Muslim, he is fought , well this is ridiculous with all my respect , having sex with women and filming are not acts of a Muslim person. I will push it really far and say if that man for example knew stuff on the agency and he was going to speak , then why he does not go to the public now and speaks to the world , he is already burned and he will be jailed ,so why not to bring down the house on the CIA itself !!?? By the way Warren defended himself saying that the sex was Consensual, well in Islam it will be considered another sin , a Consensual adultery !!
Warren by the way published in 2002 a novel called “The people of the veil” about an American diplomat in Algeria who fights terrorism and he can speak 6 different Arabic dialects plus he knows Farsi.

Here is the ABC Report about Warren
In the end I have couple of questions in mind :
  • Why would those Algerian women go to a single foreign man’s house in an Arab country ??
  • Did they know that he was the CIA station chief in Algeria ??
  • According to the Americans he was cooperating with the Algerian authorities and usually in that field when you put an eye on the agents of other countries even if they are their allies , so did not the Algerian authorities notice something unusual ??are there  other women in Algeria “and Egypt” who informed the authorities but  were not as lucky as  the other Algerian women with foreign passports ??

Warren is surely burned but I wonder if anyone else will be burnt with him.

The story is still on and I wish some Egyptian official would be courage enough to speak about the matter like the Algerian interior minister


  1. same questions i have but unlike you i hate conspiracy theory a lot, so i don't think it's a message to any people from any obamas.

    egyptian and Muslim media ignore the case cuz the guy is Muslim, if he was non Muslim you would see a lot of demonstrations in the streets against him, CIA and America may be burning of the American embassies.

  2. Dear Maged, I do not think so the Media ignored it because of the Muslim part , if you read the confessions of the two ladies you will know that he is not the perfect example of Muslim you stand defending him
    My dear this week's issue from ROsa El-Youssef Magazine which is owned by the State reported in the incident in 2 pages in the end of the mag with no reference what so ever to Egypt because they know people will be very angry to know there was a CIA operative rapping their women
    Think in this way last thing Mubarak wants to let his people know that beside the IAF that breaks their skies ,there are CIA operatives rapping their women

  3. I think Andrew Warren should be kick in his
    rear end for raping those wowmen. I seems
    every time a black man becomes successful in this
    society, he always seems to mess himself up.
    For example, Kobe Bryant accuse of raping a white\
    woman, and also Mike Tyson went to jail for raping
    another woman. It seems like most successful
    black man let their power go to their heads.
    I believe Mr. Warrens parents taught him how to
    respect woman as people and not as sex objects.

  4. There is someone called haled refaat he is claiming that there is 2 egyptian ladies Gameeela ismael and mona elshazly and even more he said that in TV interview and said that gameela ismael has 2 videos and mona el shazly 4 videos and he claimed that they did so bec they were in love with warren not rapping


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