Monday, February 16, 2009

Do not expect their names to be announced

Do not expect the names of Andrew Warren’s victims to be announced and do not bother yourself by guessing which famous woman was a victim of Warren in Cairo based on the descriptions El Youm 7 publishedfamous artist and the famous TV personality in the National TV !!!!!”

The Americans are wise enough not to announce the names or even anything that can refer to these women because they know that they are dealing with an Eastern Islamic society. In fact unlike us most Americans look to the incident as another rock in the way to amend the Islamic-American relations. They are very careful about this. I really respect this because there is no need to throw allegations based on wide vague assumption despite how this incident is important and dangerous from the national security point of view. I know “ or I hope”  that the Egyptian intelligence is investigating the matter thoroughly.

Regardless of the tabloid style of the news published in Youm 7 there is a very interesting piece of information that the CIA fears that some of those Arab women were intentionally sent to recruit him , his weakness point is sex ,it is deadly weakness point in the game of espionage beside being a deadly sin. The videos can be the proof ,the ultimate evidence ,if all of these women were drugged then no way there were sent by somebody.

There is another piece of information in Youm 7 report I can’t understand completely ; the Spanish-Algerian victim who reported Warren turned to know him from Cairo ,where her husband was working for some Spanish News agency. Now accordingly she and her husband helped Warren in deceiving those Egyptian ladies in the video films !!  This means one thing , they are accomplices in rape crime , this is crime that has its penalty in the Egyptian law if I am not mistaken !!  I am bit lost here because such dangerous allegation can make this lady lose her case in front of any court, she knew that he was a sex manic according to this !!??

Warren turned to work in the Gulf before Egypt. He worked in Egypt between 2005-2007.

BY the way Rosa Al Youssef magazine last week published a report in 2 pages about Warren with no mention what so ever that he worked in Egypt and that there are Egyptian women in Warren’s sex home video rape collection !! Provokingly as expect , the report started with these words “We won’t be judgemental, those Algerian women lived most of their lives in the west and thus their traditions are quite different than us concerning their relations with the other sex !!” I thought that Rosa Al Youssef is secular magazine !!

Of course I do not have to guess why they did not publish the parts concerning Egypt despite independent newspapers and magazines published the shocking facts concerning Egypt.


  1. Taking secret videos of sexual exploits is disgusting but I still question the drugging part.These women went freely to his home after a party? Were they expecting tea and cookies? At least he did not cut off their heads. Check out this link,2933,493645,00.html

  2. @Misrscribe, you know I wrote about this particular point in my second post following the issue, I do not know what they were thinking for sure. We can't know the whole truth now ,hopefully more info will be revealed.
    I found this news today ,quite ironic !! I do not understand how a person can reach to this level of cruelty and inhumanity

  3. i wonder why muslims who follow the only righteous and correct religion commit such acts which is like the acts committed by the infidels.

  4. What exactly do you mean Bastawisis ?? I think criminals and crimes do not have nationalities or religions, Muslims just like any other people in the world are humans who do mistakes,sins and commit crimes.
    Again I do not understand or get what do you want to say !!??

  5. now you say muslims are like everyone else and it's normal they act the same as infidels??
    what happened to the best nation ever and the only correct religion bla bla bla??

  6. Karl Marx said "religion is the opiate of the masses" We must not let ourselves quarrel about religion. It seems obvious to me that the 3 major religions have not found the solution to a better life for anyone. George Aiken was a U.S. Senator and Governor about 50 years ago and he said " I am convinced that if everyone awakened in the morning of the same color,race and creed they will have found another way to divide themselves by Noontime." After almost 80 years on this earth and having lived in many countries I believe this to be a profound observation.
    To all three of you I say there will always be good and evil in this world and it is not exclusive to one religion.

    I sent the link to Zeinobia because it was so ironic as she herself recognized.It is shocking that a man who reportedly was trying to improve the U.S.opinion of Muslims murdered his wife in the same manner that has too often been used by terrorists to murder Americans and other enemies.

    This thread began because of a CIA person who appears to have been a sexual pervert who likes to watch himself perform. But from that one should not deduce that all CIA employees are the same. I came to know quite a few CIA types during my travels and I can say that all of them were highly intelligent, well educated and most importantly decent family persons. They also believed as I did that our mission as Americans was to encourage freedom and democracy. It is also true, because of their business they from time to time had to deal with individuals in the governments to which they were assigned who were not of the same mindset.

    I say to all of you- keep an open mind.think for yourselves, don't believe everything you hear or read and recognize that there are good and evil persons in every nation. It is too simple to condemn a nation or an entire people for the many bad things that happen. I apologize for this long comment. I hope my ramblings did not bore you.


  7. have the videos of famous ladies filmed by Andrew warren discovered yet?

  8. Any one have the videos of the famous ladies??


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