Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Egyptian X-File : Where is Badr ??

I wish that the families of Badr Vessel Crew go and protest in front of the parliament in Cairo to remind the government and the honourable members with their missing family members. This is a tragedy , a missing ship for nearly a year and we know nothing about it. I even wish they try to head to the Presidential palace.

Where is the media ??

This is an insult to the  country , a whole year without knowing what happened to its citizens abroad !!

From the archives: Where is Badr I ??

The problem is that after all that time you have to think about worse case scenarios.

I do not know why I have the feeling that the officials know what happened to this ship and refuse to tell the public for some unknown reason !!

This is a fiasco and there are many parties to be blamed in it I am afraid :

  • The Foreign Ministry
  • The Intelligence.
  • The Navy
  • The interior ministry

I know that families of the crew are simple Egyptian families that avoid any clash with the authorities , I do not ask them to clash with anyone but they must not get tried from screaming with the loudest voice they can to remind us with their missing men who did nothing wrong except doing their job.

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