Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blue Star Saga is over

At last thank God !! The General Intelligence men managed to reach to a deal with the Pirates and the Blue Star is free !! Yes the crew of Blue Star ship is in its way home !!

The Blue Star ship was hijacked  by a group of Somali pirates since September 2008.

I am sure that when the crew returns,they will tell very interesting stories about their terrible experience.

With my all respect to the General Intelligence , till when our ships will be hijacked and the GI Men come to rescue !!?? Why not to end this matter once and for all !!!


  1. Please Please. I beg you. Go take an English Grammar course. It will benefit you. There is no shame in learning and seeking knowledge and trying to improve yourself.

    Your words are out of sequential order and although the meaning gets through, one must often read the sentences several times. Do it for yourself more than anyone else.

  2. I'm commenting on the first comment

    Who the hell do you think you are, to snub that poor girl like that. I hate how everyone thinks they're better than everyone else.

    A piece of advice to Mr. My English is better than yours. You didn't speak English in your comment. Instead you spoke Arabic using English words, and even the words you used where outdated which brings me to the important part; Relearn the language because your English sucks big time and try to learn something more current instead of those outdated Victorian teach yourself guides you probably used.

    hhhhhhhhhhhh, "one must often read.." , one يا راجل دانتا قديم بشكل

    ما علينا

    مش عايز ناس تعبانة زيك تقول لحد تحسن لغتها ولا الجرام ناقص كمان تقولها تحسن خطها و تصلى الوقت بوقته ...احنا مش فى مدرسة يا روح طنط

    ناس لو كلاس خالص

  3. الله يخليك يا حاج لنا :)

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