Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Doodle 4 Google “My Egypt”

Google Egypt is participating in the official Egyptian orphan day in the best way ever if I may say.

Google Egypt as the international tradition of Google will change Google logo on the next 3rd April 2009 “The Egyptian orphan day” to one of the Google doodles drawn by 150 Egyptian orphans . That Google doodle is about “My Egypt” , how to express Egypt or how to doodle Egypt in the Google logo.

Now you can vote on those doodles to choose the doodle that will be feature on the next 3rd April 2009 here from the top finalist doodles.It is in Arabic but you can simply choose the doodle you like and vote for it.

I chose No.5 doodle by Adel Sami Zaglol, it is so beautiful

5  This is my Egypt ;)


  1. That is very well done....says Egypt well. :-)

    What a great idea.

  2. Indeed very well done and it is Egypt! This is a good cause and I hope many rich people in Egypt could contribute to help the orphanage in Egypt rather than spending and throwing money on something unnecessary!

  3. I liked the idea a lot and already have voted view days ago.

  4. @Vincent,Ice Queer,Anonymous and Hicham if you like the idea then please spread it :)


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