Egyptian Chronicles: This Was Too Fast

Thursday, April 30, 2009

This Was Too Fast

It seems that the honeymoon between Hamdi Kandeel and El-Libya Space channel was over and they have reached to the end of the road very very fast.It seems that Kandeel's last episode led to the nationalization of the channel in Libya, oh yes you read it right ; El-Qaddafi has ordered the nationalization of the channel. Some sources , in fact many sources have confirmed an Egyptian role in the nationalization. Mubarak regime asked El-Qaddafi to nationalize the channel.
If you think that this is just the end ,well think again , the Libyan authorities have arrested the manager of the channel too !!!!
Oh yes they have arrested and God knows what they are going to do with him.
You wonder what happened to cause all this ,well Kandeel who is famous for his complete support to Hezbollah and his opposition to the Egyptian regime especially regarding the peace with Israel is said to be the reason.
He is said to criticize the Egyptian regime on the background of the so-called Hezbollah cell in the last two episodes of his show. It seems that his criticism was more annoying than all the criticism of Fahmi Howaidi and Ibrahim Eissa in the media that it could not be tolerated !!
I read another theory saying that Al-Qaddafi is on a fight with his son "Seif Al-Islam" and that this channel manager who was arrested was close to "Seif Al-Islam" , well I do not believe that this is the only reason because strangely when the news was published in our official press ,there was no reference what so ever to the fact that Kandeel was working there. Kandeel was the first TV host star to work in this channel which somehow was unknown to the majority of the Egyptian viewers.
Ironically on the same day I read that the channel managed to get Hala Sarhan and Maria Ma’loof present programs there. I do not care about Maria, I do not like her but it was good to see that Hala away from the Rotana channel world , she lost a lot there .
The future of Kandeel now in the channel is unknown , the man stated yesterday that he was not informed that his program was cancelled yet he made it clear that his bag was already packed and the Arab rulers can't make him silent.
This is his shortest program ever to be accurate. I am confused that it will be cancelled as it is his habit. I do not know what will happen next : Will he go to Dream II as Ahmed Bahget offered him an opportunity there or Will he go on with his project to have his own space channel !!??
I have an advice , why does not he go to the Youtube directly !!?? This is the future of media.
I have not watched Kandeel on Al-Libya to be honest , I always forget and end watching films on Film channels.
I have seen the first episode of the show on Youtube and I knew that it was going to be one hell of a show. I will search for those two episodes that caused the Mubarak regime to go coco and ask the Qaddafi regime for this dirty favour !!
This shows how the regimes in the Arab world may go against the media they do not like which it attacks them. Of course journalists and reporters like Kandeel are not that popular abroad due to their nationalist Nasserite views.
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  1. seems like the best place to be, for a journalist who want to oppose the arab regimes is (ISRAEL), unless the later will also do dirty favors for the Arab Regimes

  2. What about the internet and Europe ??


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