Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ayman Nour to Run For Presidency 2011

Ayman Nour announced yesterday in Alexandria that he will run for Presidency in 2011 during his tour in the Governorate in several areas there. It seemed that Nour has started his campaign for now , well his rival Gamal has started his from a very long time.

I think we are going to have one hell long summer


  1. ولعها و لعها :D

  2. I thought Nour is not eligible for nomination after being released from jail.

  3. @mido شعللها شعللها

    @Ice Queer , it is 2011 , yet 2010 is the year most of us expect Mubarak will step down and JR will come in !!

    @Abo Hamza, he is ,in fact there are other constitutional barriers in front of him


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