Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wow Officially Our Regime Can Apologize for Torture After All !!

via Arabawy

So officially our diplomatic mission Jakarta had to apologize for the arrest and torture of 4 Indonesian students , of course I assume that part of the apologize to keep things quiet no need for lawsuits ..etc.

I hope one day the Egyptian government would be kind enough to apologize in the same way to its citizens in the same way for the arrest and torture in police stations !!

Do we have to be foreign to receive an apology !!??

Back to the Indonesian students I hope that the officers behind this mistake are punished and fired for causing a diplomatic crisis with a friend country !!

I want them out of the service because if they did all that to 4 Indonesian students then they probably had done arrested and tortured 40 or even 400 Egyptians !!

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