Thursday, August 20, 2009

3 Bases

Ali El-Din Halal earlier this week said in Cairo that Egypt would not host an American military base and that Mubarak was totally against having foreign military bases on our territories. He defended his party’s head and our president saying that it is enough that he closed three secret American air bases in 1982 in Egypt that were operating in time of President Sadat !!??

Of course this part was not include in the summary of his lecture attended by the NDP Youth.

Yes you read it right President Mubarak asked the Americans to pack and to leave these three secret air bases which President Sadat welcomed !!??

I do not need to say that this is the first time I heard such nonsense and do not tell me it was a top secret because it seems Ali El-Din Halal knows about it where as the Egyptian army officers who served in high positions including the intelligence did not know about it !!??

There is huge difference between facilities and full closed bases , there is a huge difference between cooperation and what Halal is claiming

Even those who hate President Sadat that much never claimed such dangerous claim. Halal is accusing Sadat with dangerous accusation that he was less patriot than his president Mubarak.

I think we should know the truth , there should be an investigation regarding this claim. If Halal is lying ,then he should be a man and resigns from the party which unfortunately Anwar El-Sadat founded as an apology to him and his family.

By the way I did not a quick search about the American bases in Egypt and all what I found is the facilities we provide the Americans with in time of Mubarak from our military bases and our secret UFO bases where we are collaborating with the Men in black to hide in the land of the Pyramids !!!??


  1. Actually the whole things seems wierd.
    I believe Ali El-Din is tarnishing he's own party's reputation in the first place when he says that Sadat - who was the leader of the party then - allowed bases in Egypt which would mean traeson to the average Egyptian and this would affect the party's image more than it gives credit to Mubarak.
    As for the Shourok news link, I think Fahmy Hoeidy went far with Ali El-Din's statement and took it for granted attack Sadat and blame him for the bases. Actually this topic is open to debate because Saad El-Din Shazly stated in a book that there's a naval base operating in Egypt up till now.

  2. yes he is !! of course if you ask him , he will tell you that the NDP is not only Sadat or Mubara...bla bla bla.
    Saad El-Din Shazely I believe was speaking about naval facilities not operating naval base ,it would have been known all those years and this happens all over the world.
    Howaidy made a huge mistake which I am surprised that he did it !!

  3. This claims are dangerous because they didn't come from the opposition but from the regime itself. Maybe he mixed between facilities and actual bases because if this is true this means we really know nothing about anything esp that we've no archive to refer to after x amount of years!


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