Thursday, August 6, 2009

45 Seconds

Today marks the 64th anniversary of Hiroshima and its atomic bomb.This post is set to be published on 8.15 , the exact moment time stood still in the city from 64 years ago

hiroshima Taken on the 5th of August  1945 , Hiroshima , I wonder if all those three were alive enough to see this photo printed

I highly recommend you to see these sad photos from the fantastic Big Picture blog from I also would like to share with this new collection of photos I gathered about Hiroshima , some of them were banned in the States for many years.

I believe whenever I see the photos of this terrible crime is that it was not a real victory but rather a real war crime not against the Japanese people only but to the whole world , introducing such horrible weapon did not put an end to the WWII but rather had started an era of fear up till now it has not ended yet. It was a short victory if you understand what I am trying to say.

Yes the Japanese army made horrible endless war crimes especially in Asia , I can’t take off the images of Chinese victims dead on the stairs in Shanghai after the Japanese invasion to the city from my mind, I can’t forget the POWs they killed and mistreated from all over the world whether from Asia or from the west still when I look to this horrible bomb and what it caused and what it started , I believe more and more that the WWII was meant to be ended to start another real cold war represented in the Nuclear race which has not yet finished.

Read more about Hiroshima’s victims here

Last thing I would like you to watch this BBC documentary “Hiroshima” including very rare testimonies from both the survivors of Hiroshima and those pilots who carried and dropped the bomb.

It only took 45 seconds to change Hiroshima and the world forever up till now.


  1. I believe America has made a history when its administration decided to do that as a way to show their power! They even insist to repeat it again in Nagazaki. The History will remember always that America is the only country in the world to use the atomic bomb!!!

  2. You know Ahmed ,the real war crime is to repeat what happened in Nagazki, first time they did not know what it would cause from complete destruction then why they repeated it again in Nagazaki


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