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Saturday, September 5, 2009

To Know Your Postal Code in Egypt

For the new generations including my generation it is hard to know our postal codes , we are not like the older generations which had more access to the Postal services. I understood the importance of knowing the postal codes when I began to order stuff online.
This website is really helpful for those who want to know what their postal code is in Egypt : Egypt Postal Codes | الرقم البريدي المصري.
It does not include all the areas in Egypt but at least it is a great try.

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  1. You mean you actually get mailed delivered in a country that lacks street signs on most streets. I have had pictures and gifts sent to me from America and they are rarely if ever delivered.

    Egypt Poste sucks! Pure and simple.

  2. @anonymous, well sometimes I get my mail plus your postal code is required in services like which is delivered by Aramax

  3. Do you know where can I can get a webpage like that but in English?

  4. I found another website called Code Masr it may be helpful too To Know all Egypt postal code, i tried it.

  5. can u tell me is there a postal code for every street or one postal code for the whole area?

  6. Postal code search engine in Egypt is

  7. To get your postal code in Egypt using GPS without search

    visit :


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