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Another Crazy Egyptian Pilot : The Black Jaguar Leader

It is strange that the History Channel’s “Dogfight” focused  on the dogfight which took place on the 12th of October 1973 and ignored the one that took place on 15th of February 1973 ; may be because the Israeli according to them won by the end of the day !!
Yes there was wonderful and amazing dogfight took place between the EAF and IAF in 1973 where 2 Egyptian MIG-21 stood against 6 Israeli Phantom for 13 minutes where one of MIG-21 hit a Phantom and forced the the rest to escape.
Yes it is true 2 Egyptian MIG-21 against 6 Israeli Phantoms for 13 minutes and one of those crazy Egyptian pilots who stood against that half dozen of Phantoms is General Ahmed Kamal Al-Mansoury whose story found its way online before the printing media and TV. “This makes me so proud because this shows how important the online publishing has become in Egypt”

The story briefly started  on the 15th of February 1973 in Bani Sawif air base , when fleet No.49 received an immediate alarm that there were 6 Israeli fighters in our skies , they were reconnaissance fighters from their path.The Egyptian pilots were so angry that the political and military commandership ordered them not to engage with the IAF except if the later entered more than 30 kilometer West of the canal. Well for their luck the IAF fighters on that day crossed that limit and they were going over the third army zones for spying. Originally 4 fighters from the fleet No.49 were going to fly but a mistake happened and fate chose only two : Ahmed Kamal Al-Mansoury and Hassan Lotfy , where as the other 2 waited for the command including the world famous crazy Egyptian Pilot Rafai !!
Al-Mansoury's code name in this operation was the Jaguar Leader 
Al-Mansoury knew that it was one way ticket 6 phantoms Vs. 2 MIG 21 not to mention the Israeli pilots had that technique to hit the Egyptian pilots in the back of their air crafts. Al-Mansoury and Lotfy knew that technique and decided to avoid it, in fact they would not go down except at least with one of these IAF phantoms.
Up in the sky something strange had happened that dazzled the Israeli pilots , the Egyptians managed not only to stand still in front of the 6 phantoms away from their targets for 13 minutes but to hit an Israeli Phantom. General Al-Mansoury launched two rockets in to an Israeli Phantom in that group which returned Israel 5 instead 6 phantoms.

EAF-15 Feb

EAF-Escaping Phantom

Here is the original Photo of destroyed phantom as a stain  captured by Al-Mansoury’s MIG , you can the shadow on another Phantom coming to the focus.
The Israeli Phantoms had to leave because they knew that they were dealing with crazy pilots from their point of views , who were ready to die and take them with them where as they did not come for fight , they were just spying and bragging and so they left the scene , ugly scene for them  heading back to where they come from.
There was not much fuel in both MIG 21 tanks and thus Al-Mansoury told the commandership and Lotfi that they had to land to the nearest land near the red sea coast safely as much as they could. Unfortunately Lotfi in his landing did not make as he died when the aircraft hit the floor where as Al-Mansoury miraculously landed on the highway of the red sea avoiding a lorry ; yes a lorry which I do not imagine what its driver thought when he had seen a MIG-21 in front of him !!!
When Al-Mansoury landed, he prayed to God thankfully and then saw an Israeli Chopper moving around in the area searching for the remains of their Phantom but then the Egyptian defenses welcomed it in a way that forced to leave.
Ironically Al-Mansoury was found by Egyptian soldiers whom had mistaken him for IAF pilot “He has colored eyes as you could see in the photos below” and decided to make him taste the real meaning of anger ,those soldiers on canal and red sea then were target to the IAE and its small Napalm bombs and they were very angry with big “A” !!! God knows only what would have happened to Al-Mansoury if their commander officer was not an old friend of Al-Mansoury . By the way the man forgave them for that reception.
Now for the first time in Egyptian blogsphere I proudly present to you the records , the real records of the talks between Al-Mansoury and the Bani Sawif airbase which he kindly gave it to the Al-Morakh website."Please ignore the introduction"

 By the way General Al-Mansoury revealed a very interesting information regarding our allies the Soviets; it turned out that they used to give the Israelis our EAF frequencies and the EAF had to hide from them our real EAF frequencies giving them official fake ones !!
The IAF used to intercept our frequencies and to air funeral music to our pilots who ; do not you love the Soviets !!??
Because of their heroic acts President Sadat honored him and late Lotfy with the highest military decorations
The press in Egypt spoke about that battle but strangely it was forgotten, may be because the big was came after it with in few months.
Al Akhbar Headlines
Al Ahram Headlines
The MIG-21 is currently in the 6th of October Panorama museum in Madinat Nasr and its number is 8040, you can see it there. I do not think the Russians even thought for one second when they made the MIG 21 with its limitations that the Egyptian pilots could such heroic acts , of course we clarify something here , Egyptian technicians modified the MIG along other weapons to suit us and to work better.
General Al-Mansoury flew 52 sorties in the Yom Kippur War including the last sortie for the Egyptian army where he lost his friend late hero Soliman Diaf-Allah after a heroic dogfight.
Young Al-Mansoury
Here is a video interview from for General Al-Mansoury on the last 6th of October with Mona El-Shazely

Honestly Mona should not have laughed in that way on every single he would say because despite he seems that he is a cheerful man with a sense of sarcasm , she should not have laughed on certain points like the tragic loss of Pilot Hassan Lotfi
As much as I am happy with the media coverage of General Al-Mansoury’s heroic act as much as I am very angry that the official press left all what he has done and focused on his teacher Hosni Mubarak, the teacher who was not with him in this dog fight in his old MIG-21 !!
They highlighted his oath that he would not leave his weapon and arm which he had sworn in front of the commander in chief in his graduation as if the commander in chief were Mubarak, he was Nasser for God sake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do not dare to deny the role of Mubarak in the reconstruction of our EAF after the 6 days wars but he did not do it alone for God sake , there were other great men if we want the truth like Al-Mansoury, Diaf-Allah, Lotfi and Rafai !! And I can’t deny that I wish one day I interview men like general Al-Mansoury , who seriously made me adore our EAF and believe that we can do miracles if we truly have a strong belief


  1. That "world Crazy Pilot" (who was shoot down due to that manevour) and the whole epizode from History Channel shows total desperate of Egyptian countering Israelis - 11 Migs were not able to shot down 1 Israeli, instead he took 5 of them.

    In the first series (if I remember it well) has been said that Egyptian shot down just 5 (in the whole Yom Kippur war!) jets (in Air-Air combat) - the rest was by Russian SAMs

    Egyptian technicians modified the MIG along other weapons to suit us and to work better.
    This is nonsense - MIGs were on of the most secret Russian weapon and heavily protected especially when one Iraqi pilot stole whole jet, landing in Israel. Fortunately grandpa was too old at that time to serve in another mission in the Middle East^^, so I cannot ask.

    And if I am not wrong for Egypt sometimes fought even Soviet pilots - this shows their will to share.

    1. John , world crazy pilot it was 8 mig 21 against 30 mirage !! and this is my father and what am saying is documented . and by the way mig 21 Vs phatom is like old fiat 127 versus jaguar.:)

  2. I am absolutely thrilled to have finally known who "Jaguar Leader" is, and would like to underline that the maneuver the Egyptian pilots, such as AVM Ahmad Al-Mansoury, AVM Samir Aziz and others, practiced and mastered is actually the original version of today's "Cobra" maneuver applied by the modern and very capable Su-27/30 fighters.
    The purpose of this maneuver was to shake-off multiple enemy fighter (bandits) on their trail (six-o'clock) at close range and the maneuver worked quite successfully but needed a lot of practice to master.
    My father, then Lt. Farouk Abdeen, was a fighter pilot in the Royal Jordanian Air Force and actually battled in air-to-air combat against (16) Sixteen Mirage IIICJ fighters from the same elite Israeli (101) squadron over Samou (Hebron area) on November 13th 1966 and although he was flying one of only (4) Four much inferior and obsolete Jordanian Hawker Hunters participating in the battle against an overwhelming number and much more advanced Israeli Mirage IIICJ fighters.
    During the ensuing air battle, he shot down (1) One Israeli Mirage (confirmed kill) and shot at another from another flight (unconfirmed kill).
    I will try to post a picture of the Israeli Mirage from the gun camera just seconds before it went down.

  3. Slight correction : it was 119 squadron that the Israeli Mirage IIICJ came from.

  4. Masnoury is a big mouth , he talks too much about himself and his way of talking isn't sensible for a jet fighter , the 73 historians group posted before that the fighter pilot who faced Giora Epstien and failed to shot him and kill at the end " why they call him crazy if he failed to shot down the enemy aircraft " is another persobut not El Mansoury who is not one of the five Egyptian flying pilot faces anyway ..
    and of course the EAF pilots are not equal for the opponent highly trained and effective pilots of IAF ..
    and for those who keep saying the useless tone of Israelis have more modern technology and more advanced planes more than Arabs , go and make comparison because you don't like comparisons if it's not in your favor ..
    Now we have the North Vietnamese Air Force with the same number and the same variant planes of the Egyptian Air Force was facing the largest six air force in the world of the South Vietnamese Air Force in addition for sure the American Air force ..
    North Vietnam with its Migs 17,19,21 and Su-7,20,22 faced and defeated the most advanced jets of the united states and most of the air aces of Vietnam war are North Vietnamese and America lost over 10 thousand air craft in the combat by accidents , air to air engagements , ground fire or bombing airfields , plus the massive causalities of South Vietnamese Air Force , and grandly won the war with no doubts and restored whole Vietnam with no shameful peace treaties with America the strongest country in the world ..
    the NVAF used their Migs to should down several more advanced f-4 phantoms , skyhawk and crusaders before the egyptian pilot Ahmed Atef could shot down the first F-4 phantom on the Egyptian front during war of attrition to be the first arab fighter to shot down f-4 by Mig 21
    no Egyptian , Syrian or Iraqi Mig 17 , 19 could shot down a single Phantom while North Vietnamese Mig 17,19 could do that several times ..
    and the the most Mig 21 ace is Vietnamese not Arab not Egyptian who could shot down 11 enemy craft using Mig 21 ..
    meanwhile Egypt , Syria , Jordan with the support of Soviet union , Cuba and several of Arab and Islamic countries with air force is bigger three times than the Israeli air force couldn't defeat the Israeli jets through the whole Arab-Israeli conflict since the beginning and till now , we can see Israeli air strikes over Syria and it's even before the civil war and where are the Syrian migs ?
    Israeli air strikes over Lebanon , Palestine and even Egypt that couldn't defeat the insurgents in North Sinai , and Arabs are sleeping and their jets are made for to strike their people or weak militias has no air force or air defense system ..
    back to the comparison , Egyptians authorities and fake nationalists keep talking about Mansoura air battle but they ignore many air battles during war of attrition like operation Rimon 20 because they don't want to say that Soviet pilots fought instead of them , and during Yom Kippur 73 war they also ignore the air battle of Ofira over sharm el sheikh ..
    there are only five Egyptian flying aces and five Syrians but for Israel there are about forty Israeli flying ace ..
    most of Israeli Air Force causalities were made by ground fire ..
    most of Egyptian Air Force causalities made by Air to Air engagements

    1. Are you a jet fighter? you are just a big ass and sick and Don’t talk about your masters big ass

  5. Egyptians after 67 defeat a new branch in the army called air defence while Israel didn't ..
    Egyptians built SAM air defence wall to face Israeli aircrafts because of the weak of Egyptian Air Force and this system couldn't even stop Israeli air Force to attack ground forces or Egyptian battlefields in the depth of Egypt meanwhile EAF couldn't make one single raid over Israel during 67 , 67-70 , 73 wars ..
    Israeli have many captured Arab jets in a good condition in many air museum while Syrians and Egyptians have only some wreckage of the rare Israeli jets most of them shot down by SAMs and are rare and both of Egyptian and Syrian authorities ignored to take care of the rare captured Israeli air jets ..
    and another thing the Operation Focus in 67 war made by IAF could destroy three air forces of three Arab nations , and disabled their battlefields , but during 1973 war " funny Egyptian nationalists " saying Moubarak " the EAF commander " was the first person to launch an air strike ...!!!
    why did he made during Balkan wars 1912 ?
    the Egyptian air strike made by over 200 aircraft during the early stages of 73 war couldn't destroy the whole IAF as Israel did , could't destroy all Israeli battlefields in Sinai which keep working during the whole war that continue to work , what was the strike for ?
    and Moubarek is the same person who canceled the second wave of strike that caused the destruction of over 30 helicopters were holding Egyptian commandos to control the passes territory in Sinai which described as " Sa'ka massacre " according to many Egyptian commanders but this was discovered to the public after the the overthrow of Moubarak ..
    the EAF couldn't prevent the advanced Israeli troops in Deversoir or destroy the bridge they made over Suez canal .

  6. Non sense and Rlmansoury is my father so don’t criticize what you don’t understand or pretend that you don’t understand


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