Egyptian Chronicles: The Iraqi Scientists Are Not That Lucky Like The Iraqi Gays

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Iraqi Scientists Are Not That Lucky Like The Iraqi Gays

Seriously the Iraqi scientists are not that lucky like the Iraqi gays after all more than 1500 Iraqi scientists were killed systematically since the invasion and nobody cared to rescue or even talk about it !! Unlike the Iraqi gays whom actually are winning lots of sympathy in the West more than the poor Iraqi women and orphans displaced because of the war.
Even before the invasion , since the Iraqi nuclear program the Iraqi scientists were target for the Mossad but after the invasion it is like a sale kill a scientist and have a dozen free to kill !! The Mossad and the CIA also have been having the time of their life , what is better of destroying and crippling a whole country for the future except by hunting down their scientists and thinkers !!??
It is strange that these scientists were hunted unofficially by the same troops which entered Iraq with claims of freedom and democracy , which turned to slavery and destruction.
The Western media focuses on the repression of gays in Iraq despite they understand so much why gays are rejected , it is normal that they will be killed in a tribal society. The Western media also should not look forward to change the Iraqi society to recognize homosexuality like in the West or does it want to be forced on the Iraqi society like the ugly invasion !!??
It is shame that the Arab countries did not act swiftly and give refugees to the Iraqi scientists , at least they would have been very helpful in our so-called future nuclear programs !!?? These scientists were not danger on the world like how the Israeli media used to portray them for God sake !! Who knows may be they were killed because they were not like Nazi scientists who accepted to take refugee in the States to invent mad and sick weapons to harm others after all !!??
This is just like when the House of wisdom had been destroyed by the Mongols , history will record it. 
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  1. Sweetie, that's because gays are a minority! =)

    "It's normal that they will be killed"? Am sorry but that's very racist, u r not any different than Zionists and Nazis that u hate!

  2. Did you read the rest of the sentence my dear ", it is normal that they will be killed in a tribal radical religious society."
    I do not know need to explain a tribal society and how honor and manhood means to it

  3. Aha I thought u support killing them, sorry if i misunderstood u

  4. Saudia Arabia and Iran are not tribal radical religious societies but the centers of Shia/Sunni Islam, yet they kill gays. Islamofacism par excellence :)

    btw there are no direct numbers of killed Iraqis at all (or even killed "scientists"), it's all just speculations or estimates.

  5. Do the old poofs bother you darling?

  6. You have interesting thoughts. Racist Zio-nazis like John disgust me.


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