Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Male Orders Artificial Hymen And Writes About It

Mohamed Al Rahhal aka the traveller within has ordered the infamous Chinese artificial hymen which caused uproar in Egypt and he wrote about it. Honestly this is what journalists in Egypt should have done when the story made the headlines , they should see for real what this hymen is first handed , of course no one will be abartificial-virginity-hymenle to test for moral and health reasons.

I visited that Chinese company official website when I wanted to comment about the issue and I felt too sick actually and I felt too insulted. I forgot the whole issue afterwards but I remember it now.

This talk about the artificial hymen made me feel insulted as an Egyptian girl , the press was talking about it as if all Egyptians were going to order online this hymen and start a sexual spree in the country from Alexandria to Aswan !!

As Al Rahhal referred to his article in the guardian the society in Egypt is biased , the accountability is only on 50% of the population  !!

Back to hymen it is a sick thing , it looks unhealthy even with the company’s guarantees that it is safe , really sick !!

IMG_5373-1 By the way the company now accepts local bank transfer for Egypt and that local bank is the CIB, this is a PR crisis for the bank if it is true. Already it is not the mistake of the bank , this is the game of the agent of the company in Egypt , to have a local transfer to a bank account in Egypt means they have an agent in Cairo who pretends to be an agent of a medical supplies company or import and export company …etc. The bank does not investigate nor does the commercial registry check for real. Oh man the CIB has just got the worst publicity ever !! 



  1. Why it makes you feel 'insulted as an Egyptian girl'? Did you not forget that your traditional role in this society is to cook, clean and fuck your man instead of staying on the Internet and complaining about sexual harassment??? No wonder they call you a FEMINIST my dear.

  2. Egyptian who are traveling abroad and coming back to Egypt will also bring this product with them, for friends in need. If the culture was different, there would be no need for such a product.

  3. To 1st anon only retarded men think of women and treat them as such. in all cases there will always be those who resort to that type of cover-up no matter what and we cannt blame China for trying to make a profit. If the society sees this product as against public morality then its representatives in the parliament can ban it. Having said that, I wish our society becomes more understanding and realize we all can make mistake and that we should encourage honesty instead of creating a market for fake hymens.

  4. @Anonymous: I can assure you I am not retarded. However, if you look in other other 3rd-world societies where an elitist class exists you will find the women are not into moaning at the Internet about how their own people sexually harrass them. Instead, they are at home cooking, cleaning and doing sexual favours to their husband. Here they have simply become too spoilt thanks to inheritance customs and changing habits.

  5. Enquiring Minds11/01/2009 06:58:00 AM

    I'm surprised that you allowed so much profanity in your comment section Ms. Zenobia. Pious muslim girl that permits the printing of the "F" word. Modern times are crappy times it seems, lacking in manners and common decency.

    What is the website of this company. What a strange product to buy. Egypt is like any other country. People are people. The will have sex before marriage like in any other society. Secular western values are rampant in the "global, consumer-based culture" that is being promoted. Heck Ms. Z. who ran out to buy an iphone is no better than any other product of this culture. How many poor Egyptians could you have helped if you continued to use your previous cell phone(which probably still works) instead of buying the ultra expensive iphone so that you could have the latest gadget until the next latest gadget came along. Hmmm.


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