Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why Does Israel Want Our Shit !!??

The minister of irrigation and water resources Mahmoud Allam stated from couple of days that Egypt has declined a generous offer from Israel : They want to import our wastewater !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes Israel wanted to import our waste water and we refused its generous offer. Of course many people will be puzzled and wonder “ Why does Israel want our shit ??”

Well actually it does not want our shit only but all our wastewater and they want it for irrigation as 70% of of Israel's irrigated agriculture is based on highly purified wastewater according to Wikipedia. It is not a secret that Israel wanted before the Nile Water and as a country it has its water problems that can lead in to a war in the region of its own. Of course I am guessing , already I do not know what they will do with our wastewater for real as it is huge quantity of wastewater for sure !! I do not know why Israel wants to import our wastewater and in Jordan is much nearer to it.

This shows us how we are having huge gift from God called the Nile we do not know how to use it well and we are wasting it.


  1. and why cant we purify the waste water properly so that we can have other uses for it? and why arent we using the waste produced by the country in general and turning it into useful material like most countries do?

  2. Hey the adage holds true--one man's garbage is another mans treasure!

  3. @ Anonymous
    Because wastewater treatment is expensive and Israel is much wealthier than Egypt.
    @ Zeinobia has a bigger population and therefore more wastewater & by 2017 Egypt's water demand will outstrip it's supply - the portion of God's gift on Egyptian territory can only take so many uses and users.

  4. Knowing the Israeli criminal mind, they want to give it to Gaza as drinking water.

  5. The question is why has Egypt refused ... prejudices?

  6. Anon before last, I know that but I'm also sure this could be a lucrative investment for private businesses and there must be a way to get wastewater treatment projects financed through international aid. As far as I know from a friend who used to work in the field, the EUs' aid offers for environment related project are under used by Egypt. Most countries are doing that now and most major cities have managed to turn their waste into millions of $$ its about time we do the same

  7. @ ticknad you are absolutely right!

    i'm just wondering why no one has addressed that racist comment above? anyway water is becoming are rarer commodity by the minute...

  8. Aid handouts are symbiotic and never lead to long-term, sustainable financing.
    Most countries aren't recylcing their water - most 'rich' countries are, since they can afford to do so, and Egypt isn't a rich country so it makes things complicated...


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