Saturday, January 16, 2010

Today in Jordan , Tomorrow in Egypt

It is so sad that despite Jordan has very powerful websites that turned in to powerful regional industry that attract web giants like Yahoo we found out the Jordan’s high appeal court has extended the country’s print and publication law to any electronic medium !!!

This means any blog post , any forum post , any tweet or Facebook wall post or status can send any Jordanian to jail !! This is so sad and insulting to Jordan and its people. I can’t recall that I read from Jordan something that deserves this law which usually is imposed in dictatorships to protect the regimes !! Is there some hidden danger on the Royal family and its rule in Jordan or what !!??

Already this does not go well with the image Queen Rania “a twitter Celeb of her own” is trying to market about her country as open minded and democratic country.

Anyhow I know that back in Egypt our regime is trying to learn from their allies in Jordan how to pass restrictions on the internet especially that we have much more aggressive confrontation online in Egypt than any other Arabic country.

This Jordanian law makes me wonder again about Maktoob Yahoo ! future.

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