Monday, February 22, 2010

Mohamed ElBaradei's With Mona El-Shazely : A New Hope

Do you know how Luke Skywalker was the new hope of the world against the empire in the Star wars saga from long time ago in a faraway galaxy !!? Well Mohamed ElBaradei has become our own Luke Skywalker , our new hope in Egypt officially starting from last night "already I do not know what I am writing now as I did not have enough sleep so please forgive me for this strange comparison"
Forget the crappy interview of Amr Adib , forget it completely because last night he was officially exposed as TV host claiming to have an exclusive interview with ElBaradei that answered all questions.
As I hinted before Mona El-Shazely's interview last year was the one that made some believe that this man could be our next president , well this year's interview was the one that made most Egyptians believe that this man could be the key to our salvation. It is not about being a president , it is about yearning to freedom and democracy.
I do not know how many Egyptians watched the show last night , but I believe they were too many including Gamal Mubarak and friends who did not have good sleep last night thinking of how to get rid of this man.
Here is the interview for the time being , I will discuss it later

P.S What is Jihad Ouda speaking about !!??


  1. take a valium and give it a rest! he hinted soooo many times that he won't run!

    misha3yz yez3al el maganeen il zayic!

  2. I know it's off the topic but you should see this
    YT Video about the Education in Egypt

  3. hindewi, u clearly didnt get what the man has been saying and there are millions like Z who sees him as a tool for hope so, u shld take the pill and chill and let ppl believe wt they want

  4. Thank you so much for the video post of Mona al Shazli's interview...such an interesting, intelligent is refreshing to at least hear different points of view..we can then make up our own minds. should be glad that we have this opportuity to listen to different points of view..

    Please do not give this topic " a rest" . Keep us informed.


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