Friday, June 18, 2010

Amen : A Friday Prayer

Dr. Nabil Farouk has written the best prayer we should all repeat in our prayers to God especially on Friday. "In fact in every moment"

It is a prayer to God Almighty to avenge those who killed Khalid Said and those who helped them with their silence and lies. It is beautiful and I believe it suits not only Khalid Said case but many cases in Egypt. Of course God does not order us to pray only but rather to act , let's try , act and pray.

Here is the prayer in Arabic :

اللهم أرِ قتلة ضحية الإسكندرية «خالد سعيد» مكروهاً في كل عزيز لديهم، وأرِ كل من ساعدهم بالكذب والتلفيق والتزوير والتدليس والبهتان، أو حتي بالسكوت، خزي الدنيا والآخرة.. اللهم أظهر الحق وأزهق الباطل، اللهم أرهم آياتك في أنفسهم، لعل سواهم يتعظون ويدركون.. اللهم أنت الحق العدل والمنتقم الجبار، الذي يمهل ولا يهمل.. اللهم قد أمهلتهم طويلاً، حتي طغوا وتجبروا كفرعون.. اللهم فأرهم آياتك وانصرنا، فأنت خير الناصرين

Say Amen and act.


  1. As if we are missing or prayers from the mosques, homes, and the streets. And what did prayers do so far, other than misery? Most Egyptian people already decided to wait for happiness in the afterlife.

    As for the prayer itself, it certainly has errors that Mr. farouk should have avoided. All decent people don't pray for harm to those who are dear to the criminals; these are innocent people like you and me. We don't also pray for harm to those who are unable or afraid to voice their anger in public. They certainly don't have the same kind of protection as those who are better known, or those who hide behind a blog or newspaper.

  2. @Hailie, I agree with you that this prayer shouldn't have included wishing harm to those who are dear to the criminals. God said in Quran:ولا تزر وازرة وزر أخرى , which means that God does not punish someone for the sin of another.I apologize for affirming this part of the prayer and hope God will forgive me and forgive us all.


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