Friday, July 23, 2010

Follow Up : Khaled Said 23rd of July Silent Stand

Today is the big day which Khaled Said campaign wants to achieves something from , today is the 5th weekend in a role the campaign organizes a silent stand across the country dedicated to Khaled Said and the campaign against torture in Egypt.

There are demands for today's silent stand presented by Khaled Said Facebook :

1- End the Emergency law (Martial law state declared for more that 30 years ), since it is used extensively by the Police in all cases even in cases where there are no drugs or terrorism involved and used heavily against all political opponents of the Egyptian Government. The emergency law is still used against civilians not involved in drugs or terrorism despite the Egyptian government promise to limit its use to these two areas.
2- Alteration of the penalty on police officers involved in torture cases, to include permanent dismissal, and repealing compassion with those officers.
3- Commitment of public prosecutors to regularly inspect police stations to reveal and stop the systematic torture crimes and detention of innocent civilians in the so-called “Bureau of Investigation’s Fridges” i.e. unofficial detention rooms inside police stations.
4-Expanding the notion of torture, because the current law restricts the definition of torture to ‘Beating the suspect to get a confession’. This enables most of those criminals who commit torture to walk away without penalty.
5-The final demand is that the Egyptian government should officially sign the Anti-torture Protocol, which the government has refused to sign in the International Council for Human Rights. This protocol allows Egyptian Human Rights Organizations to inspect police stations and reveal torture cases, in order to prosecute officers involved in torture.

To have specific demands like the mentioned above is considered a new upgrade to what has started as small angry Facebook and reached to the biggest political Egypt Facebook group. "Over 200,000 members".

The silent stand of today is approved and protected by constitutional article no.54 :

The freedom of Egyptian citizens to gather and meet in a peaceful manner without violating rules and laws and without the need to inform the Police.

Here are the locations of the silent stands in 15 governorates across the country.

More coverage insh Allah to come after 6.30 PM

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