Monday, July 5, 2010

Khaled Said Case Follow Up : Important Developments in Important Case

There are many developments in the Khaled Said' case , right after the protests , the international angry reactions and the provoking leaks about the second autopsy we found the official coroner changing his statements and is speaking about the possibility that something could have been stuffed to Khaled's throat then came the big surprise of the weekend : The public prosecutor has ordered the arrest of the two police agents for further investigations.

Do not be so happy with that surprise so fast, if proven to be guilt , those two police agents will be jailed for 3 to 15 years only based on the official  charges they are facing are :

  1. Arrest with no right or warrant
  2. Excessive use of force

According to the public persecutor Khaled was not killed by those agents' hands but by his own hands because he swallowed the pot packet in to his throat the thing that led to suffocation. Khaled's family attorneys will use the law to change "the excessive use of force" to "intended murder"  

The public persecutor has also decided to penalize the MOI witnesses for their fake testimonies in one of the most wonderful and best developments in the case. If you remember the MOI brought witnesses whom claimed to be Khaled's friends while they were convicted felons the MOI used to enforce its version from the story.

The ministry of interior will not confess his murder now , even if the blame is on two plain clothed agents because simply it has lied not only on the Egyptian people but on the whole world to the level that it can't go back except by admitting with their guilt and they could not do it.

Unlike the MOI , the official media has began to lessen its tune against Khaled Said and his cause's supporters for the record.

Politically the Egyptian regime was in a very bad position especially after the statement issued by the EU Ambassadors , of course officially the ministry of foreign summoned the ambassadors to express its refusal for what has considered a direct interfere in the country's internal issue. Hopefully the new developments in the case are resulted due to the public pressure not the EU pressure.

Back to the current official coroner's testimony as it is worth to mention that right after the leaks of the second autopsy report ,we found interesting information about the coroner, Dr. El-Saba'e Ahmed El-Saba'e that shows that he is not that qualified enough to the head the coroner's office in the country.

Last Thursday Gaber El-Karmouty published new photos from Khaled's second autopsy.He did not show all the photos he had , the thing which I  respect , he selected the less harmful photos focusing on the mouth area."Graphic discretion is required"

New photos for Khaled Said actual second autopsy

I could not understand what he meant about the mouth area , I did not get whether he meant that these photos confirm or deny the MOI story that the first patch photos were from the first autopsy

There is a planned stand next Friday 9th of July at the Nile Corniche dedicated to Khaled at 6.30 Cairo local time.

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