Egyptian Chronicles: Lebanon Is At The heart of The Arab World And Egypt Is No Where near it

Friday, July 30, 2010

Lebanon Is At The heart of The Arab World And Egypt Is No Where near it

Have you been watching the news today !!?? Did you see the historical Arab summit held in Beirut currently that is forcing the wonderful people of Beirut to stay at their homes because of the security measures !!??
Did you see how the King of Saudi Arabia is sending a clear strong message that his country is leading the Arab world now !!?? Did you see how the prince of Qatar will join the King of Saudi Arabia despite their huge long families disputes !!??
Al Assad , Abdullah with the three leaders
Did you see how the king of Saudi Arabia and the Syrian president have reconciled and becoming the new S.S duet in Lebanon !!??
Did you see how Egypt is absent from the Lebanese scene now !!??  Yes King Abdullah visited Mubarak in Egypt to tell him his plans but just for the respect of the historical past role of Egypt in the Arab world , you know as a respect visit no more no less. Of course our hypocrite press will say that King Abdullah is moving by the directions of Mubarak and an Egyptian blessing !!!

Egypt , Syria and Saudi Arabia is how it should be not Qatar , Syria and Saudi Arabia with my all respect to the Qataris
We have put our bets on the wrong horses in Lebanon and our regime refuses to go back to join the Arabs for real despite the States currently will not say no. "In normal circumstance we should not care what the American administration thinks , it is our best interest that should tell us what to do "
Mubarak 's greatest past achievements from 20 years ago was to return back in to the Arab world yet it seems that by the end of his rule we are returning to where President Sadat had left us 'May Allah bless his soul' before he was killed.
Hats off to King Abdullah of  Saudi Arabia for trying to protect his country's leadership in the region in front of Turkey and Iran by not attacking them but rather through hard powerful diplomatic initiatives that will save the region from the wrath of another Lebanese civil war Israel loves to see. "Please do not repeat the Israeli claims that Saudi Arabia is working with Israel on Iran's strike "
As much as I am happy for this meeting and this summit , I am sad that my country is absent from it.
When will we return to play our role as real Egypt in the middle east??
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  1. Is it really that important that Saudi Arabia protect its leadership role? It's not even a leadership role - it's just lots of money that they use to fund Salafi schools. That's not leadership, that is chaos, in my opinion. Turkey sets a good example to other countries - the fact that they aren't Arabs should have nothing to do with the matter.

  2. @Z, it sounds like you think Egypt is being disrespected by not being invited to Lebanon. But King Abdullah was under no obligation to visit Egypt. It was a visit of respect. President Mubarak probably was invited to the summit, but turned down the invitation because he is too sick to travel.

  3. This is one side of looking at things, but looking at it differently, policies (stated or implied attitudes) are formed to fulfill national interest. Egypt has no interest in being as involved as you might hope in the affairs of other Arab countries. There are problems that the countries at the meeting are facing internally that Egypt is not facing. Therefore, the domestic political situations of those countries is completely irrelevant for Egypt. We should step outside this constant and unjustified desire to be leaders of the Arab world. It is in fact NOT in Egypt's best interest. The last time (and perhaps the only time) Egypt was the leader of the Arab world was during Nasser's time, and it is important to acknowledge that his good-intentioned efforts had devastating effects on Egypt's politics, economy, and society.

  4. I agree whole-heartedly with Raghda - and let's not forget the proxy war in Yemen and the unprecedented interference in the domestic affairs of sovereign States that was spearheaded by Nasserist Pan-Arabism which has dismally failed.

    As for Saudi Arabia - where was the agreement that ended Lebanon's bloody civil war brokered?
    Was it not 'Taif' in Saudi Arabia?
    Is the current Lebanese constitution and political set-up and relative peace and prosperity not a dividend of Saudi 'historical' leadership in this arena?????

    I hint a tinge of envy between the lines...

    As for Qatar, Doha was where the constitutional deadlock was overcome and where the Lebanese government healed itself after the dangerous, polarised division the constitutional system which is based on the 'Taif' - SAUDI ARABIA agreement.

    The end of Sudan's two civil wars were concluded in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia and Nairobi, Kenya in 72 and 2005 respectively - and Sudan is, according to Egyptian analysts, Egypt's 'strategic depth'...
    And the venues for the brokering of Darfur's peace were brokered in Abuja, Nigeria and currently, once more, Doha, Qatar.

    Leadership has to have objective factors, including financial clout, and it cannot be based on doctrines of 'manifest denstiny' that have long been swept away by the encroaching sands of time and demography...

  5. Saudi Arabia is actively building alliances with Syria,Lebanon,the Gulf, Egypt and other Arab countries to curb the spread of Iranian Shiite influence in the Gulf, Iraq, Lebanon and Gaza.
    These alliances are supported by money and secret agreements.
    During the past few years Saudi Arabia has become the world's largest arms importer and has beefed up it's intelligence services to counter Iranian meddling and it's nuclear ambitions.
    It is a well known fact that the Saudis have facilitated the construction of a secret IAF forward base, five miles outside the city of Tabuk (has same time zone as Israel), Saudi Arabia. The Saudis and Israelis, as usual, pretend not to know each other. The Saudis have closed Tabuk airport for civilian flights for several days as the Israeli Air Force landed jet fighter aircraft and military supplies. Civilians were not told of the purpose of the closure, but were accommodated by the Saudi government elsewhere.The base outside Tabuk, according to unconfirmed sources, is a ‘forward’ operating base for combat assault helicopters along the ‘corridor’ that has been created for the free passage of IAF combat assets on their way into Iran.
    Recently Israel’s Mossad chief, Meir Dagan, went on a secret visit to Saudi Arabia in recent weeks to discuss the threat of Iran, according to informed Arab security sources.The The British Times report quoted an unnamed US defense source about the reported cooperation: "The Saudis have given their permission for the Israelis to pass over and they will look the other way," the source said. "They have already done tests to make sure their own jets aren’t scrambled and no one gets shot down. This has all been done with the agreement of the [U.S.] State Department."
    A Saudi government source reportedly confirmed the report, saying: "We all know this. We will let them [the Israelis] through and see nothing." The Times cite a mutual threat perceived by Iran as the unifying factor between Saudi Arabia and Israel.
    In conclusion, Mubarak is heavily involved with Saudi Arabia in this alliance but could not attend the meeting due to his poor health.
    Egypt is still a main force for war or peace in the Middle East but does not interested in toppling Arab country leaders like Nasser used to do and that is why it keeps a respectable distance from Arab countries internal affairs.

  6. 'Lebanon Is At The heart of The Arab World And Egypt Is No Where near it'
    As a Lebanese expatriate, Lebanon was never and will never be at the heart of anything that can influence Arab politics let alone their own.
    Lebanon is is not a true country as it is made up of several sects and tribes that were put together by the French colonialists and called Lebanon.
    Saudi Arabia's money and paranoia of Iran, Egypt's support, US strategic interests, EU dependency on the flow of oil are the key players in this 'meetings' and Israel is just itching to hit Iran.

  7. That's exactly what I was referring to, Anonymous. The rising power of Shiite groups is posing a threat to leaders of regimes in Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia (and Iraq in the past). There is now an emerging power in the region, and that is Iran, thus giving added purpose for such summits as this (to fend off threatening emerging powers). Egypt's ruling regime, on the other hand, is not facing a threat from Shiite groups, and this is due to the arguably secular-in-nature Egyptian government. Egypt here is at a disadvantage. It wouldn't serve the country any good if it was dragged into such sectarian tensions.

  8. @Rahghda Salama 4:28 AM
    Hamas is providing arms and aid (funded by Iran)to Al Quaeda and some Bedouin rebels in the Sinai region to help them fight the Egyptian authorities. Egypt is not seeking a sectarian war, but will join the rest for it's vested interests if it is funded by the Saudis.

  9. Immortal KAMAL JUMBLATT...One of 4 Great Lebanese,in my humble opinion whom loved death,the other 3 were Late Sheikh PIERRE GEMAYYEL/ Ex-President Late Mr.CAMILLE SHAMOUN/EX-P.M.-Late Mr.SA-EB SALAM...without denying the fact that many /many other politicians in the modern history of Lebanon did as well loved and were ready to give their lives if needed?! But these 4 GREAT MEN were considered the 4 columns that indeoendent

  10. KAMAL(Bek)JUMBLATT (R.I.P ) as i said Above, one of (4) or possibly (5)MEN, if we added to them all,THAT>Late/GREAT Ex-Prime Minister,(for many times over)in,almost over 3 decades & since 1950s?! Mr. RASHID(BEK)KARAMI or sometimes (RASHID/ EFFENDI)??whom represented The city of Tripoly in North Lebanon..and Martyred, as been assassinated on June 1st 1987 for HIS beliefs and determining attitude-s HE held,& in a tragic Helicopter incident!!...As i did mention above in my previous short comment,those 5 GREAT MEN led and gave their lives,some as Martyrs, FOR MODERN LEBANON TO STAY INDEPENDENT & protecting its sovereignty for many decades/Muslims+Christians ALL UNITED for one goal & aim,even though among themselves some had different views or dreams for a STRONG-Independent Lebanon,which tries to survive among Giants,and foreign plots from Eastern & Western friends & foes..alike...or like a Semi peninsula that is, instead of sea or ocean,IS surrounded by neighbours with >unresting< political agendas,concerning that,small in space(10,452Kilo-Meter Square)nation,But a BIG player as LEADING MASTER ROLE in that region,and having HUGE impact..on all >the involved< in taking any decision->s, for the whole Middle East!!So was GREAT Mr.KAMAL (BEK),as a leader of Druze clan in AL-SHOUF area /MOUNT LEBANON/in representing THEM in the Leb.-Parliament,at least for a quarter of a century?!as HE did equally for all whom VOTED for HIM or not,without any prejudice!!THAT is where the GREATNESS of this politician + A MAN of HONOUR..Found in HIS life and after HIS unexpected sudden death too!!..and for the last 40 years since HIS demise + as HE^s been assassinated on 16th March 1977..A SHOCK TO ALL LEBANESE and all the minorities present in this HOST country..that opened its Heart before the doors to any destitute incomer, AND THE ARAB WORLD AS WHOLE mourned HIS sudden departure in such circumstances,when HE was MOST NEEDED THEN by ALL involved in that GAME OF NATIONS!!..->MORE on this GREAT MAN??coming.. SOON!! Regards for now/from: I.N.Barsoumian/London


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