Egyptian Chronicles: ElBaradei : When We Go To The Streets It Will Be The First And The Last Time !!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ElBaradei : When We Go To The Streets It Will Be The First And The Last Time !!

"When we go to the streets , it will be the first and the last time !!"
Dr. ElBaradei and his supporters had a public Iftar yesterday in Sayida Zeinab area where he said this very important warning to the regime , I assume it was a warning. He was speaking about the streets and about the civil disobedience. Again he is putting his bet on the people.
In any normal country our people should have been in the streets from a very long time with all what they are suffering from but this is Egypt and these are the Egyptians who only go to the streets when it reaches to the starvation point !! People in other countries go to the streets and down regimes than did less than our Mubarak regime has done and is doing with excellence in Egypt.
Last night Iftar was more than Iftar , it was an anniversary celebration attended by several opposition groups above them 6th of April youth , NAC and the ElBaradei support group along with other groups.
Dr. ElBaradei launched a new website for his campaign and honestly I do not know what is the difference between that website and other NAC websites.
You can see more photos from the event here
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