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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Free Ayat

It seems that the Syrian authorities are targeting teenage girls nowadays as it seems that Tal is not the only minor prisoner in Al Assad’s regime !!
Meet Ayat Ahmed , the university student who was arrested without a court order last October 2009 in order to be interrogated about her religious beliefs. Up till this moment the Syrian regime refuses to officially confess that it is detaining Ayat, in fact her family does not know anything about her except that she could be tortured and transferred in to the hospital several times.
In 2010 a recently freed Iraqi woman revealed that she shared the same prison cell with Ayat whom suffered from constant and severe torture that left traces on her body forcing the authorities to send her to the hospitals several times.
Interestingly enough that Iraqi lady claims that Ayat was sent to the notorious Mezzeh prison which we thought it was closed in 2000 before being sent to the new notorious Philistine sector in Damascus.
I do not know what this young lady had done but I am sure it does not deserve all this.
Forced disappearance in Syria has become something normal in the Al Assad era whether the father or the son, it is not surprise or a shock or a new thing , the new thing now is that we can speak about and expose it in order to try to put an end to it in a way or another. It does not matter if you are Syrian or not or if you are Muslim or not or if you are An Arab or not , it matters only if you are human.
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