Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Final Act

Everything is exposed
By that short tweet Dr. Ayman Nour summarized what is currently happening in the Egyptian media right after the knowing that Eissa was sacked from Dostor yesterday.
Nour himself writes a daily column in Al Dostor himself and he believes that what he wrote was reason behind firing Eissa. Back to his tweet , it is a short one but holds a clear message , the game is now clear ladies and gentlemen : Al Dostor was sold to be destroyed by its new administration on the request of the regime in some sort of a deal !!
There is a rumor I read from couple of weeks ago that Al Wafd will get 20 parliamentary seats in the coming elections and surely it will not get that huge number of seats for boycotting the elections but for bigger price , a price Badawy paid when he bought Al Dostor.
But honestly the game is larger than this , by far larger than the Dostor and Ibrahim Eissa , larger than 20 parliamentary seats for a shadow weak party , it is about the final act in the succession battle. Just like what Ibrahim Eissa said on Al Jazeera earlier today , the set is prepared for the magician’s act !!
Eissa on Al Jazeera
The final act , the magician act is the Gamal Mubarak taking over this country as his legal inheritance from his father in a smooth way , the Gamal Mubarak team believes if it wins the people’s side in any possible way , it will conquer the army team side.
There are several signs , several dots if connected you will find them leading you to that conclusion, that final act like for instance “and this happened in the past two weeks”
  • Ahmed Ezz’s new TV channel.
  • Ibrahim Eissa is no longer welcomed on TV.
  • The decision to ban the broadcast of trials.
  • Firing Ibrahim Eissa from a newspaper he founded
  • Hamdi Kandeel will not reportedly write anymore in Al Shorouk.
  • Alaa Aswany will no reportedly write anymore in Al Shorouk.
  • Alaa Sadek’s sports show was cancelled after criticizing the role of security in the Ahly Vs. Taraji game.
All the journalists, reporters and talk show hosts like Mona El-Shazely and Mahmoud Saad know fear that the turn will be on them. El-Shazely already has expressed her concern in this week twice !!
Starring in the final act 
I did not include Amr Adeeb and what happened to his show because Adeeb has signed with Al Hayat TV “owned by Badawy” and will work there by the end of the year. I do not know what else these dots and points mean other than that there is a systematic campaign to silence opposition voices.

By the way through out the last two days I have read different theories on how we can interpret this move or these moves , some believe that what we see is part of the on going war in the presidential palace itself between those who favor the hereditary and those against it while others believe that what we see is another battle between Omar Soliman and Gamal Mubarak ; of course both of these theories are based  on the facts Eissa prefers Hosni Mubarak over Gamal Mubarak and his newspaper preferred Soliman over Gamal before ElBaradei but still both theories are that strong because what is happening in the real world proves otherwise ; Mubarak may run for the 6th term but he is running only to give more time for his son that has failed in securing the presidency.
Gamal Mubarak has got one chance and this is why the final act is a bloody one , it is to be or not to be.

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