Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Follow Up : Al Dostor Crisis "Updated"

Ok the Dostor Journalists are currently having their sit in at the newspaper headquarter and they have just issued their statement : They want Ibrahim Eissa back and they are thanking the new owners for showing their true intentions.
The crisis has reached to the journalists’ syndication which I assume is holding a meeting now.
It turns out that Badawy wants to appoint Wafdist Soliman Gouda who writes in Al Masry Al Youm as a chief in editor for Al Dostor !!
6th April Youth group has issued a solidarity statement supporting the position of the Dostor’s journalists and Ibrahim Eissa.
Update #1: 
  • Here is a photo from Dostor HQ showing the journalists reading their statement by Sayed Turki 
اعتصام الدستور

Update #2
  • Yahia El-Kalash and Mohamed Abdel Qudos are currently in Dostor HQ , Kalash is telling the journalists that what happened to Ibrahim Eissa will not be ignored. 
  • Reda Edward told Khaled El-Sergany that the security told him from a week ago that ElBaradei was going to publish an op-ed in the newspaper about 6th of October war and it should be banned. 
  • Edward took the computers's hardcase from the newspaper HQ earlier today expecting that ElBaradei's op-ed would be on them. "watch it below"

  • Al Dostor online team has published that Op-ed online already on the official website
  • BBC Arabic is holding an open discussion about Eissa and the restrictions on the Egyptian journalists.
  • There is a meeting in the journalists syndication currently about the crisis and Siyad Badawy has announced officially , Soliman Gouda , the deputy chief in editor of Al Wafd as the new chief in editor of Al Dostor Daily. Gouda is known to be Gamal Mubarak's supporters. 
  • Ibrahim Eissa is going to speak today on Al Jazeera at 3:30 Cairo local time , already the channel has aired the news 


  • Ibrahim Eissa has just spoken to Al Jazeera , he said that what happened was obviously a deal , part of the deal planned before and that : 
 There are new preparations for the coming period and the set is required not to have any opposition voice to return to pre-kafya days , we are waiting for the wizard's act !!

  • Siyad Badawy has resigned from the board of directors despite he still owns the newspaper ; in a press conference that was held in a hotel in 6th of October Governorate which no Dostor journalist was allowed to attend Badawy claimed that he is insisting on firing Eissa from his position and that the later can keep his privileges and salary not to mention he can write in the newspaper " Eissa founded this newspaper" . Badawy claimed that the differences with Eissa were about the taxes and his salary which was raised from LE 25,000 to 75,000. "this is published in a official state owned newspaper whose chief in editor takes LE 1,000,000 !"
  • Soliman Gouda denied the news that he would become the chief in editor despite the constant confirmations within the newspaper itself. , also Mahmoud Moslam will not become the chief in editor
  • There is unconfirmed silly crazy news that Ibrahim Sada of Akhbar Al Youm will be become the chief in editor of Al Dostor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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