Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Follow Up : ElBaradei’s 6th of October Op-Ed

ElBaradei campaign has published the full Op-ed Dr. ElBaradei which he wrote about the 6th of October war and allegedly made Siyad Badawy fire Ibrahim Eissa from Al Dostor Daily.

I have read it and I do not know what can make Badawy so furious about it  !!??

ElBaradei is paying a huge respect to the 6th of October war and its victory in a very honorable way and he speaks about that October war spirit which strangely the official media is repeating nowadays with out any understanding to its real meaning.

After reading the Op-ed , I am convinced that this is not the real reason , Badawy waited for something to justify his act and he found a golden opportunity for his unfortunate luck in that Op-ed , why I say unfortunate luck , well because the popularity of both ElBaradei and Eissa have been doubled.

This Op-ed was published by ElBaradei campaign in early morning after knowing the news. It is supposed to be published tomorrow insh Allah in the weekly issue of Al Dostor , which will be a special issue for October.

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