Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Breaking News : Siad Badawy Sacks Ibrahim Eissa From Al Dostor !!

Ok this is too sad , too unexpected and too provoking , Siad Badawy has just sacked Ibrahim Eissa from Al Dostor !!
Ibrahim Eissa is no longer the chief in editor of Al Dostor after all those years and after all that success whether in 1990s or now !! The news is already published in Dostor website and it is written in a very rude disgusting way , as if this were not Ibrahim Eissa !!
Already they did not have the courtesy to tell him first , they informed to the supreme council of press without telling him first !!
FYI the news was sudden , no one expected it even Eissa himself , the journalists and reporters are shocked and they have decided to organize an open sit in to object this decision , they want Eissa back !!
There is no direct reason for this sudden decision but I assume and I fear that Badawy will dare and claim that he fired Eissa for publishing Al Awa’s article !!??
For the record Eissa’s segment in On TV was cancelled too if You remember , so I do not know what to call this , except this is a systematic removal from the media , someone does not want Ibrahim Eissa now !!
People whether online or offline are extremely angry.
Updated : 

  • Al Dostor journalists are furious to the level that the website editorial team has removed the names of Badawy and Edward from the website and left the name of Eissa as the chief in editor 
No Badawy , No Edward


  1. Wow. I wonder if the old owner Essam Fahmi knew this would happen. And you're right, Z, it's incredibly rude to fire a long-time editor with a brusque one-sentence announcement.

  2. Essam Fahmi has not shown up yet Jason yet interestingly enough Ibrahim Eissa turned to be against the deal from the start

  3. @Jason
    I congratulate the US administration for supporting a regime that stifles freedom of speech by using American tax dollars.
    You must be very proud to be an American.
    The Canadian.

  4. @The Canadian: the big Western companies are all guilty of supporting the regime. Do you know if Canadians have stopped investing in Egypt or if any Canadian official came out to speak against the regime?
    I dnt see how only the US is to blame and in all cases, its up to us the ppl of this country to fight for change and this includes those Egyptians who have citizenships of other countries that gives them some sort of immunity and allows them to be more vocal and active in bringing change. Im assuming you are from Egyptian origins no?
    Its only normal that other countries only care for their own interests and while they are wrong in assuming their interests on the longer term will be served by this regime, they are still actin in their own best interest as they perceive it. Not defending them but stating some realities about the filthy world of politics and int relations. If we want "real" change we need to understand that this will be our own battle and it wont be easy and wont be w/o sacrifices.

  5. Anon: Its Countries and not companies in my last post, sorry guys

  6. @ Anon 10/06/2010 07:42:00 AM
    I am not an Egyptian but a European who lived in Egypt, yet I wish I was Egyptian as I met kind and gentle people when I lived there.
    You are correct in your response as every country seeks it's own interests including Canada.
    However, Canada does not allow special interests to influence and buy it's politicians to spend our tax dollars on oppressive governments so that they maintain the peace with Israel.
    That is the difference between Canada and the US.
    The Canadian.


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