Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This is Called Plagiarism Dear al Ahram

I believe that Al Ahram newspaper whether offline or online must have a clear policy when it comes to plagiarism , especially online plagiarism. It is sad and pathetic when the biggest newspaper in Egypt and the Arab world uses photos without the permission of its owners not to mention photos owned by other newspapers.
This is not an expression art we are going to debate about , this is about crystal clear plagiarism in the online edition of the newspaper.
Yesterday we found out Al Shabab portal following Al Ahram used a photo taken by Egyptian socialist activist Mashad and used it without permission in a report about the university guards debate. You can see below a screen cap from Al Shabab.

Shabab using a photo without the permission of its owner
Now the website of the leading official press in Egypt is stealing  photos from Al Masry Al Youm , a leading private newspaper  . I am sorry to use this word (steal) but what else can be used properly to describe this but there is no other description to describe this when I found that Al Ahram website uses a photo from Al Masry Al Youm report about Sinai !!  That photo below was taken by Hossam Fadel in Ahmed Rageb’s report about the Sinai fugitive rebels. You can see below both screen caps.
Al Ahram 
The original Al Masry photo !!

This is not only an insult to Al Ahram school and history but also to the great Al Ahram photographers for God sake !!


  1. Z: its called infringement of authors right. They need to get sued and forced to settle for a handsome amount of damages or face civil and criminal charges, btw, deliberate infringement like this one merits CRIMINAL CHARGES in Egypt :)and this is a clear cut case BTW.
    Hun, this way of stealing the work of others is part of the tools those who follow the regime resort to, or at least many of them do. We see in the Uni so many examples of those serving among us as Uni professors while in fact they are security reporters and sometimes their academic work is based solely on stealing from others, some steal their PhDs, their promotion research papers ect. You actually might want to do some research on that bec there are many cases that have been caught and reported to the Unis, the professors faced administrative investigations ect but are usually allowed to carry on in the academic body!!

  2. I particularly like their Friday 'Auto world' edition. Sometimes like when they are "covering" the Paris auto show, their correspondent "travels" to France and pinches some pics from auto-motorsport mag :D

  3. Anything goes for Al Ahram after doctoring Mubarak leading President Obama and other world leaders during Middle East peace talks at the White House in September.
    The Canadian.

  4. Al ahram just hit bottom

    Egyptian in USA


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