Monday, November 1, 2010

Egyptian Rumors : Why Dr. Abdel Ghafar Was Arrested ?

Do you remember the incident of Dr. Tarek Abdel Ghafar , the heart surgeon who found himself in a day and a night accused of running a prostitution ring !!??

Well I heard a rumor circulating between the surgeons and physicians close to him and to the national heart institute saying that besides that he was nominated to become the chairman of the institute there was another thing that made someone very angry from him to the level of destroying his life by all means.

The rumor says that as Dr. Abdel Ghafar refused to accept a defected heart catheters deal by millions of pounds at the national heart institute , We are speaking here about the medical supplies mafia that does not take no for answer supposedly in this rumor and thus honest and respectable Abdel Ghafar was to be destroyed to be an example for anyone else.

This is a rumor I only heard and thought of sharing , I have got no proof on anything

Now a fact the minister of health is investigating the matter and promised the doctor to restore his dignity and his rights. 

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