Friday, December 17, 2010

Mubarak Is Just From the Time’s People That Matter List

I thought that Julian Assange would be the Time person of the year instead I found Mark Zuckerberg is the Time person of the year 2010 , it seems that the Zuckerberg had his revenge from Hollywood. Of course the Time person of the year 2010 cover is one of the worst covers ever Time has come up with !! WTH was that !!?? Was he stoned when he took that shot !!??
Anyhow I did not check the full list of people that matter nor I wasted my time in seeing the best and worst 2010 Time list as it was the habit because if I did , I would have noticed that the Time magazine included for the first time in its lists President Hosni Mubarak !! Yes President Hosni Mubarak is included in the 2010 People that matter list.
Before the NDP and regime media fly from happiness we must know that he is not mentioned positively as expected and that there are other Arab and Muslim leaders mentioned before too. Mubarak is not the person of the year 2010 , Zuckerberg is !!


  1. I believe the cover is a pun on the *Face*book name, or it could be just a hasty work.

  2. @Z
    A lot of people including myself agree that Julian Assange should have been the person on the cover for his courage and dare.
    Come to think of this situation I think
    Mark Zuckerberg Facebook has changed the lives of many more people forever around the world than Assange's work, after all 5 years form now people will remember Mark as the founder of a wonderful communication and information vehicle wheras Assange will be a small footnote.
    Note: You should read how Mark's innovative and management policies/practices has made his company one of the best in the world.
    The Canadian.


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