Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tal Mallohi’s Imprisonment First Anniversary

Tal Mallohi was arrested on December 27th , 2009 in Syria from his home when she was only 19 years old. Mallohi is a Syrian blogger who did not anything wrong except being a blogger in a country like Syria.
When Tal was 16 years old , she found herself interrogated by the Syrian state security in Syria for no reason according to what I understood except that she blogged. Allegedly she was mistreated in the security according to Syrian opposition websites. After being enlisted in the security watch list she was not able to join high school , thus her family had to move to Cairo so she could study in high school. She lived with her family at Hadik El-Koba popular area.
According to what is said in the Syrian opposition websites , there was that security officer”Samer  Rabo’o” in the Syrian embassy in Cairo whom she resisted his unwanted advances. Again she was not recruited by the Americans nor she did spy on the embassy’s officials. She only used to study Spanish at Institutio Cervantes in Giza. In July 2009 , the authorities in Syria told her family that it was ok for her to come back to Syria and study there.
Freedom for Tal 
I remember from several months ago I found comment from a Syrian lady who claimed that that security officer made unwanted advances. Accordingly that officer was known for his disrespectful behavior and corruption not to  mention he existed in Egypt illegally from a diplomatic point of view. As a reminder Tal did not cause that attack on that officer in Cairo ,he was sexually harassing that American tourist when her guards stopped him by force. That incident was documented officially in an Egyptian police station and unfortunately nobody is using this to help Tal in her case. I understand that  it is not an easy thing but the Syrian community in Egypt or at least those who are brave from them in Egypt should have spoken about that officer and exposed him publicly  in order to save that poor girl , that cycle of fear should be broken.
If Tal were really that spy the Syrian regime portrays , why she was executed like that Mossad spy last month !!? In fact why has not the security prosecution officially announced that Tal was spying for the Americans ?? Is the regime in Syria afraid from the Americans !!?? Well we have relations with the Israelis and yet we announced the Kung Fu spy !!
Tal allegedly has met with an independent lawyer in her jail and after the meeting he described a very weak shaken person who admitted all the charges the regime accused her of automatically , a hard description published at the Sooryoon opposition website. Those bastards killed her from inside !!
Up till now we do not know why exactly she was arrested  and why she is currently staying in a very cold prison cell !! Is this because she refused the advances of some officer that should be punished for his actions that insult his country and his people !!?
Ironically when I searched for the name of that officer online , I found a direct mention for him in the Lebanese army official website newspapers archive and it is not about him stalking some Lebanese girls but rather a security visits to Lebanon to meet with pro-Syrian Lebanese parties !! This dates back to May 2009 which means he returned back home before that !! According to Al Watan Al Arabi magazine Lt.Rabo’o works in the external branch 279 at the Syrian state security apparatus.It seems that Lt.Rabo’o is the super star of the Syrian intelligence that he is being mentioned like that  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the record Al Watan Al Arabi is anti-Syrian anti-Iranian Pro Saudi Pro Egyptian magazine by the way and I can’t deny my amazement at that strange news.
I did not abandon the case of Tal Mallohi all that time nor did the Egyptian bloggers , Tal is in our thoughts and prayers.


  1. Waiting on the day when you have the courage to remember the Sudanese detainees in Egyptian prisons, the brave prisoners of conscience and civil society leaders who refuse foreign occupation in Halayeb...

  2. yet again a sudanese troll exploiting a post about a prisoner for anti-Egyptian propaganda. So, Zol, when will you practice wt u r preaching to Z? When will u show u care for the political prisoners of Egypt, Syria ect? Or are we under obligation to care for the Sudanese but the same isnt true for u!!!

  3. A nice attempt to divert culpability.

    I don't have a blog where I claim to condemn tyranny, political imprisonment, torture and then 'choose' which victims to mention, based on whim and patriotic zeal - I'm not the one who's morally bankrupt.

  4. Zol , first of all thank you for calling me morally bankrupt
    Second why do not you have a blog then so you can show your cause to your world !!??

  5. I don't know you personally to say whether or not you are morally bankrupt - but your moral selectiveness in championing the causes of Palestinian, Syrian and Egyptian political detainees and victims of torture and turning a blind eye to the suffering of Halayeb's Sudanese civil society activists because your patriotic ego thinks that Halayeb is Egyptian - is morally bankrupt.

    And if I wasn't here I wouldn't be able to expose the moral bankruptcy, deingratory ignorance, contradictions and superficiality of the way Egyptians deal with all things Sudanese.

  6. Z hun, let them live in their illusions, exposed :D the Sudanese exposer lives in illusions of grandeur, while accusing Egyptians of having false feelings of grandeur. The only thing exposed is ur hatred and lack of principles.

  7. @Zol: well that the problem, u hijack the blog spot of another person bec u r so lazy and lack on basic principles of dealing w others. Stop avoiding the questions, u dnt need a blog to voice ur crappy ideas as we can clearly see, so, u have a space here, answer our questions or shut it.

  8. Lack of principles?! : )

    Delusions of grandeur?!! : )

    At least have some imagination when it comes to making allegations.

    Having double-standards = having no principles.

    Championing the causes of political detainees based on their nationality and causes = having no principles.


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