Monday, January 3, 2011

Alexandria Explosion : The Language of Numbers

It seems that numbers EA World News spoke about are real unfortunately. According to the minister of health the people managed to identify 17 dead bodies “already buried” while they are still 30 unidentified dead bodies and the remaining of 3 or 4 dead bodies , which means 50 dead bodies !! This is according to Al Masry Al Youm

Officially the death toll has increased to 24 after the death of 3 victims because of their injuries Sad smile 

The Dostor published another list for the victims whether injured or dead.


  1. [part 1]
    Anonymous 1/02/2011 08:53:00 PM, I don't know if you're an Egyptian Christian but if you are, I understand your rage and your grief but you need to understand a few things and the impact of isreali infiltration in Egypt's economy, politics and society. Like last anonymous I do think you're an operative but I will give you the benefit of the doubt and try to explain a few things... No one is claiming self-righteousness but we must look at the wider picture to understand what's been happening in Egypt since the October war and more importantly since Sadat's assassination and Mubaraks assuming power.

    Yes, I agree with you fully that there is an escalating tension and violence between Christians and Muslims, Radical Islam is on the rise and this can not be viewed and must not be interpreted within a limited scope especially in Egypt. Since that last war, that country policies and intelligence shifted dramatically, it was a wakeup call for them. They have come to realise that in future wars, we cannot be defeated by military power alone.. they have dropped their expansion vision[at least for the time being] and their main focus was to inflitrate neighbouring countries..those they have borders with and specifically the one with a higher population concentration and a cohesive society requiring the 'full information awareness; which they have succeeded in obtaining thanks to Mubarak. That is whyI refer to him as the shithead...not because of his internal failed politics and corruption but because he is a stupid SoB. Sadat for example was corrupted to the bone and the U.S guy from his early military days but he was no fool and knew how to play international powers against each other and even with signing of the peace treaty and Camp David accords with all its flaws he was cunning and drew strict lines that were not to be crossed and made them clear to his American friends, he was no shithead and when it came to internatinal politics he was one of the craftiest Egyptian leaders in centuries, Nasser compared to him was a schoolkid when it came to politics but at least Nasser was never corrupy..stubborn, yes. made grave mistakes nothing short of treason? true but still not a shithead, Mubarak on the other hand is your ultimate dum dum.. that shithead opened up the country left and right, making it easy for operatives to travel in and out, recruit as if they were in their own country. Collecting information was the least of their worries when they are able to flock inside without restraints. . With the world waking up after the cold war, realising the injustice in Palestine , they[bogus] were losing international suport and legitimacy they needed to create a common enemy and they need Civil unrest and sectarianism happening in the region and in Egypt and they are succeeding. Radicalism in both christianty and Islam in the region serves their goal and naturally it is easier to infiltrate the majority however they they also need radicalim on the other side and that's happening too.. sites like coptsunited and radical copt tv and radical coptic groups in the west. The termCopt itself emphasis sectarianism.. something so Christians can identify with exclusively from the muslims when in fact the word itself means 'egyptian' and originates in ancient Greek.. don't you see what's happening? It;s just like Christians in Lebanon identifying as Maronites.. it's no longer a religion, it's an identity to make people differentiate themselves from the 'others'. Other misconceptions about muslims in Egypt have been voiced by prominent Christian XChristians being the real indigenous population linked directly to the ancients while the muslims are those invading Arabs.

  2. [2]
    There is no such thing as invading Muslim Arabs, The Arabs were welcomed with open arms throughout the entire region because they fought a ruthless bloody empire and drove it out, in fact Egyptians welcomedArabs to free them from the Byzantine Greek rule which enslaved them as the wheat producers for the region. The Christians of Egypt at that timefollowed a very different Christianity from Constintople..they adhered to nestorianism [where Christ as a Human was viewed as a different entity from the divine] for that they were at odds with constantinople and were in fact isolated from the rest of the Empire as not to spread their 'blasphemous and heretic ideologies'. Don't you think that when Islam came to Egypt, Christians en masse converted to the New religion? would that make them bad people? how is that any different fromwhen Egyptians believed in Christ early on and abandoned their Pharaonic deities? I f you think if it's so incomprehensible that many Egyptians could have left Christianty to Islam and all those Muslims in Egypt today are just the offspring of an invading foreign power then you must also believe that Christains in Egypt must all have come from Palestine because surely they couldn't have left their ancestry religion of thousands of years to a new religion like Christianity. DNA studies of modern Egyptians proves that both Christians and Muslims share an identical genetic-map! wot does that tell you? It's not actually the same thing in Lebanon where Maronite Christians DNA[especially among males] include a certain white Euorpean Gene, apparently passed over from crusaders who fled Palestine and resided in Lebanon. Science and history aside, can you really differentiate between Muslim and Christian Egyptians without perhaps a special religious attire? you can't..

    The other misconception about Arabs invading the region whether LLevant, North and Sahara Africa and enslaving its people, ethnic cleansing them.. this is all ziionist propaganda, a fallacy due to some practises of certain Arabs. The Arabs didnot go into other lands and plunder, they spread a message and though power was mostly assumed in the Caliphate capital, every region had its own semi-autocracy rule. At the peak of Islamic civilisation, there were no borders..people were free to travel within Islamic countries and beyond and they intermarried from south of Spain to as far east to India. That's why you have to this day you have millions of people living across the region with surnames indicating their el gazary, alshamy, almasry.alyemeny.altounsy, al0libi, almaghreby etc etc. If arabs were cleansing nations, why would someone with a surname like ilmaghreby be living in Iraq, or someone with a surname like almasry who can no longer trace his roots be living in Syria or alyemeny living in Morocco..can you explain that? those people would no longer exist nowadays if Arabs were on a mission to remove nations and spread their seed.. how do explain the moors who were not Arabs? how do you explain the power Tarak bin Ziad had as a moor to expand into Spain with an army almost entirely made up of Moors. If that was a racist bloody empire would someone like Tarek bin Ziad and hundreds of other prominent Generals, scientists and philosophers rise in social class and they clearly were of no Arab origin... and let's not forget who the Arabs were, who was the mother of Ismail? do you know where she came from? and who was the father?

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  4. For those who can't put two and two together:

    A suicide bomber with explosives strapped around his torso can't make a car[weighing 1200 kg] fly in the air, roll over and land on its roof[green Skoda Felicia]. this is impossible. The only way a car can become itself a projectile is when a bomb is planted underneath[chassis] and with no impact target[meaning the car was stationary] unless of course that 'suicide bomber' was lying under the car which is physically impossible with such a low ground clearance. They are lying saying it has to be a suicide bomber because the car is 'mostly intact'[This is bullshit science] a car made of steel will not disintegrate into dust from a conventional bomb of nails. It will not take this trajectory and land several meters away from a relatively small explosive if the suicide bomber was standing right next to it. It was either rigged or planted at chassis[most likely], if there's a suicide bomber in this attack; then he has to be sitting inside the car and not wearing the explosives himself.,, if he is sitting inside the car, some of his remains will still be there. The first official story was obviously the truth that slipped out and later they realised their mistake in making the police on duty responsible for negligence.

  5. The Egyptian Interior Ministry issued a statement saying the explosion was caused by a suicide bomber although several eyewitnesses claim a car bomb was responsible for the blast.

    This story was featured on VOA[Voice of America] and it was quickly removed: 404 error
    aggregated however by some newsfeed websites

    The minister who has yet to finish his preliminary forensic thinks he knows what happens more that eye-witnesses who were actually there..why is the truth being silenced?

    A couple of links for our GIYUS buddies just tomake make go nuts

  6. I can agree with the first comment. Nice research thank you.
    It shows that Egyptian Copts and Egyptian Muslims are genetically the same. Both are truly Egyptian and that should be all that matters.

    Why can't Copts build their churches? Why are the banned form army and facing so much discrimination? Why do they get shot in Naga Hamadi and bombed in Alexandria?

    This question is now again on the table. What do Egyptian Muslims reply?

    Chanting "Allahu Akbar" while dancing on the limbs torn-off by a bomb is definitely NOT the right answer.

  7. My dear little history fact the Christians can't build their churches n Egypt except with the approval of its ruler because in the 18th century the Church itself demanded that law from the Turkish Sultan to prevent the Catholics and Protestant from expanding in the country. Yes that law needs to change now but I am answering your question.

    With my all respect did you see anyone dancing on the lambs of the victims in the videos before speaking !!?? Check the videos again I posted them here
    The Muslims in the videos were screaming for the help of God

  8. To Anon with several posts from the top, thanks for the extensive informing posts.

    My only comment on the weird story our Ministry of Interior are trying to push on us, in light of more weird explanations they made at previous occasions, Im worried well be hearing that the shark is behind the attack or may be its the soul of khaled said.

    I dnt mean to make fun wn we are all in mourning but the only two facts are that they failed big time in securing the place and that we have no real criminal investigation authorities.


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