Saturday, January 8, 2011

Angry Maghreb : Day 23 in Tunisia

First of all here is the most dangerous song in MENA currently  : Tunis Beldna “Tunisia our country”
El-General- Tunisia our country
Why is it the most dangerous song in MENA now ?? Well because as soon it hit the internet, its rapper Hamda Ben Omar ‘El General’ has been arrested. The song is criticizing the regime and the president for the bad economic conditions in the country , the lyrics and accent are not hard to understand if you listen to it twice.
Second at last the Americans paid attention to what is happening in Tunisia ,the State department has summoned the Tunisian ambassador at last to express its concern especially that the Tunisian government has been keen on hacking the personal accounts of Tunisian users in American companies like Facebook and Yahoo. The statement issued by the State department is not that strong though , it is just like ‘ attendance proof’ statement.
I bet the cables sent from the U.S embassy in Tunis contain very interesting details and analysis about the protests and the future of the country. Update : It seems that the U.S Ambassador has left Tunisia , I think he left to discuss what is next. According to the Wikileaks and Suha Arafat Laila Ben Ali ,the actual president of the country does not like the Americans that much. 
Speaking about the States and its media which hopefully will stop ignoring what is taking place currently in North Africa , True talk radio show in WMN FM Tampa , Florida aired a very interesting interview on air with a Tunisian blogger last Friday who described to American listeners what is exactly happening in Tunisia. You can listen to interview here.
France is still in very critical position whether to speak about Tunisia and Algeria to make their dictators angry or not thus there is no surprise that Sakro does not speak in the same enthusiasm about Tunisia and Algeria like he spoke about Egypt !!
Third I have returned to cover what is currently taking place in Tunisia. In the past weeks several famous bloggers and Facebook have been arrested like famous Tunisian blogger Slim Ammou who was lastly located at the ministry of interior through his mobile phone !!
It has been a common thing to hear someone has committed suicide now in Tunisia in a very sad thing.The last two cases took place in Sidi Bou Zid and Kasserine. Only now the Islamic official clerics are speaking about the matter and how sinful it is to commit suicide !! In this week also several citizens have been injured and killed by the security forces
Now watch this video and you will see a huge change in Tunisia , this video was filmed in Kasserine.

The photos of Ben Ali smashed and stepped over.
In a very dangerous development the army started to have a role in crack down the citizens’ uprising despite the rumors that the army will avoid any clash with the public. The army was first seen in Kasserine , you can see the photos of the army’s presence below. The army was deployed to give help to the police. There are current clashes going on between the people of Kasserine from one side and the police backed up by the army from another side.

Another development was that the students in secondary stage began to join the protests in several areas in the country , the students were reportedly beaten and arrested. 95% of lawyers in Tunisia are also reportedly on strike.
I notice that in Facebook people are demanding that the protesters should have one single demand which is to topple the current corrupted regime.
Now to follow the Tunisian uprising again I recommend the following websites :
Photos and Video : Tunisian Facebook groups
Live Update : 

  • Things have been developing negatively in the past 4 hours. 
  • 13 years old boy was shoot in the head by live bullets in Talah, Kasserine !! 
  • The army opened its fire on the protesters in Kasserine and more than 8 are reportedly injured !!
  • There are angry protesters currently following the murder of that kid. 
  • The death toll in Kasserine today is 3 , two citizens including a senior citizen , here is the photo of the other young man who was killed tonight , I am sorry to publish it but this is what I should do in this disgraceful media silence internationally "Graphic" 
Late Balkassem 
  • The security forces are using a new powerful tear gas bombs 
This grenade is made in France 
  • SBZ News found out that this new tear gas grenade is made in France : Teargas MP7 by Nobel Sport
  • It seems that there are lot of injured tonight in Kasserine
  • Just for moments ago another citizen was shoot down by security forces in Sidi Bou Zid "updated ,here is the photo of him being transferred to his home" 
  • The death toll in kasserine increased to 4 civilians  
Update#2 : 


  1. Hi,
    regarding a different matter - the elections in egypt and the suicide bomber in the church, here is an article that I think you'll find a great interest in:
    although it's written in Hebrew, you could use the google translator into English. it's quite good, although you'll have to use your imagination occasionally to rephrase few sentences. plus - the name Nagib is mistakenly translated to a Hebrew homophone- we will react.

  2. The Voice of America has covered these events in Tunisia since last week--see


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