Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Group Claims responsibility For The Two Saints Attack

Forget about that “Mr. I will be the first one to commit suicide in the new year Egypt !!” , there is another group that claims responsibility for the Two saints church attack in Alexandria . The “Jihad Al Uma” group claimed in its Facebook page its responsibility for the attack in a statement that praised the attack.
The statement explains from the point of view of its writer the so called theological legitimacy  of that operation as the group was shocked by the reactions of the Muslims in Egypt who refusing and rejected that terrorist attack. The group claims affiliation with Al Qaeda
A screen cap for the statement
Part of the statement
The page is no longer available in Facebook as it was removed after being reported by many Egyptian Facebookers who  are still angry or rather furious. I hope that the Facebook administration would be wiser and gives details of that page to the Egyptian authorities. 
Jihad Al Uma before its removal
Terrorism expert and researcher Diaa Rashwan said that despite he does not believe that Al Qaeda does not operate in Egypt yet the current situation can produce young people who can be inspired by Al Qaeda way of thinking and may even contact it for help.
Al Jazeera claims that the security forces arrested about 17 suspects who may have a relation with the attack.
By the way here is another video from the Facebook showing the moments after the explosion “extremely graphic and emotional  material

Here is the mess funeral held yesterday at Mermena monastery in Alexandria for 17 victims who were killed in the coward attack.
The funeral of Alexandria martyrs
At the end of the video , you will find the priest thanking Mubarak while the angry families screaming ‘No , No , No’. The governor of Alexandria and three ministers attended the funeral despite the public rejection for their presence. The people there tried to attack them physically to the level that the priests hided them till the security managed to get them safely.

The Muslim leaderships were attacked by angry Christians today at the Saint Mark Cathedral while they were representing their condolences to the Pope. There are several Christian protests across the country.
The security allegedly to impose curfew at the Hamda Khalil street. 
The photos and videos are pouring in Egypt’s websites along with the testimonies of the survivors , it is so depressing and sad , you feel that the country is burning down and you are hopeless.
P.S what kind regime is that that let a TV show to be filmed in the location of the attack after 24 hours !!?? Is there something called forensic evidence !!??


  1. I am totally shocked! How can anyone justify such a crime with religion??? Do I hear a man chanting "Allahu akbar" in that footage?
    Are Egyptians turning into monstrous animals without compassion?

  2. My dear there were Muslims on the other side of the street who were killed and injured , Allah Akbar was said to ask for the help of God , it is just like a Kyrie Ellison in this case , the video is crystal clear

  3. Zeinobia, exactly what muslims on the other side were killed? which video are you watching?

  4. @Zeinobia
    According this article
    Mr. Hany el-Gezeiry has a different interpretation:
    He also commented on the Muslim's schadenfreude at the massacre at the church, who were heard chanting "Allah Akbar."

    "Is this a victory?" He asks. "Whoever saw this fire and people dying and body parts all over the place and could still chant 'Allah Akbar' is a terrorist."
    I believe christians in Egypt know their muslim neighbors well enough, for being able to differ between schadenfreude and a call "for the help of God".

  5. @Zeinobia
    Please note also this:
    After Friday prayers On December 31 and in front of Al Kayed Gohar Mosque in Alexandria, Salafi Muslims held the 17th in the series of demonstrations against the Coptic Church and its Pope Shenouda, repeating the Iraqi Al-Qaeda threats against Egypt's Coptic Church, demanding the release of the two priests' wives, Wafaa Constatine and Camilia Shehata, whom they claim had converted to Islam but were being held against their will by the church in monasteries (AINA 11-12-2010).
    With such a climate it is really no wonder, when "Allah u akbar" is shouted as to express schadenfreude after Copts were killed.

  6. Thank you very much for this last comment Zeinobia. I am a Christian in Canada and while everyone around me was angry with the Muslims chanting Allah Akbar, I saw it the same way you just described it. I tried explaining to people that these people where saying it like a prayer, they were shocked by what they had seen as well.

  7. I find it intentional publishing misleading information. All news about Muslim Christian clashes following the bombing were denied and only clashes between citizens (mostly christians) and the police were shown in a video. Muslims were killed also and calling Allahu Akbar is used in a crisis as a call for help!

  8. @ainfo , with my all respect check the lists of the victims and you will find Muslim victims as well
    with my all respect the video speaks for itself , it clears show the fear in the sound of the people
    I think I made clear reference to the protest on that day
    I am a Muslim and I know my religion than Mr. Hany , I say Allah Akbar in different instance when I feel injustice , I feel afraid and when I seek help from the Almighty , in fact I am saying it now
    P.S the groon Skooda turned to be owned by a Christian citizen and his family who attended the service.

  9. Dear Zeinobia, with all due respect, but your reaction sounds like the typical denial when moderate Muslims refuse to face crimes committed in the name of their religion.

    I found at:

    "According to church officials and eyewitnesses, there are many more victims that are still unidentified and whose body parts were strewn all over the street outside the church. The body parts were covered with newspapers until they were brought inside the church after some Muslims started stepping on them and chanting Jihadi chants ..."

    and this chant is what you hear "crystal clear" in the video.

  10. I do not take my info from Radical biased websites my dear
    Again I think I know very well how differentiate between screams and chants "Crystal clear"
    Do you want me to swear that Allah Akbar is being said in time of fear to ask the help of God !!? well I swear. I say Allah Akbar when I am shocked , when I am scared , does this make me a terrorist !!?
    Do you want to say that the people of Hamda Khalil street are terrorists !!? These were the first people who hurried to save the victims
    Look i do not know where you are from but here it is not about Muslim or Christian ,it is about my country , this attack was about my country.
    Muslims died in this attack , a man who used to sell Holy Quran in front of the Mosque at the other side of the street was killed.

  11. For some to be a moderate Muslim we have to Amen the crapy they post. Allaho Akbar is used in so may ways and just bec u only take Hollywood movie as your point of reference that doesnt make wt u think correct.
    Muslims stepping on what? What a stupid hateful thing to say! There were victims all around and if you see the distance bet the church and the masjed ull realise that at this point it wouldve been impossible to know whose flesh is on which side of the street that is not even counting the security and those passing by. God, even blood and flesh needs to come with a religion these days!! Leave us Egyptians to mourn in peace and either say something good or be silent.

  12. @Zeinobia

    You claim the green Skoda "turned to be owned by a Christian citizen". In the forums and blogs I discuss usually it is common to provide URLs to press articles that support ones claims. Do you have such an article on your claim? I truly would be glad to consider what is being written in your source.

  13. here are couple of links :

  14. The remains were probably brought inside as several cars were ablaze and the scene had to be cleared for ambulances and fire brigades..otherwise they'd have been mushed by vehicles. Try to think for yourself, God gave us brains to think and analyse.
    The location for the bomb is quite suspicious, choosing a church directly facing a mosque is obviously an attempt to instigate clashes between Christians and Muslims, some Christians went directly after to rampage the mosque.. that was exactly what they were hoping to happen but it didn't escalate as they would have wished.

    as BBC's reporter on scene Rupert Wingfield-Hayes said:
    "Whoever planted it appears intent on inflaming hatred between Egypt's Christians and Muslims"
    It's just common sense



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