Sunday, January 23, 2011

#Jan25 is official Menace to the regime

It seems that the regime is worried really worried from the #Jan25 protest , it has already began to work to sabotage this day and whatever it will happen in it from now.
First of all we got this leak from MOI in Youm 7 claiming that the MOI will announce the identity of those who behind the two saints church bombing in Alexandria on January 25th !!! I do not understand why the MOI will make us to that day if it knows already the identity of those terrorists , this does not wait till the 25th !!
The report claims that the announcement will complete the celebration of Police day !! Well the families of those who were killed in the attack will not celebrate with the police !!
Then we got a priest from the Egyptian Orthodox church telling the Egyptian Christians not to got to the January 25 protests because the Muslim brotherhood and Salafist groups are behind it , he believes the propose of this protest is to create chaos and violence against the Christian properties !! Christians should stay in home praying and fasting !!
Of course this man of religion forgot two facts : Salafists do not protest against the a ruler and the Muslim brotherhood said that they will not go “I read today that they are rethinking their position”
I hope that the Egyptian Christians understand that the bogyman of Muslim brotherhood is being used by the regime not only against them but against the whole country.
Another priest , this time from the first bible Baptist church believes advised the Christian with the same thing because it is unbiblical !! The bible says “ pray for the presidents and sultans so we can live calm quiet life” according to Dr. Peter Feltawos , the church’s pastor !!
Naguib Gabriel , the church's attorney and also head of some NGO called "The Egyptian federation for human rights" has issued a statement to the Christian youth not to participate in the January 25 protests because it is illegal action and there are legal channels to make their voice heard !!
Are the Egyptian Christians calling for civil state !!? Does not the Church call for a civil state ?? Why do the Christian religious men tell the Christian what to do on January 25 !!?
On the other hand the Sufi groups decided also to boycott any anti-regime regime next Tuesday ,just like the Salafists sufi groups believe that working against the ruler even if he is unjust is against the well of God !!
Speaking about the Salafists their famous Sheikh Mohamed Hassan has claimed that God does not approve protests nor strikes and that they will not solve our problems 
During the football game between Al Ahly and Misr El-Maqsah , controversial football commentator Mahmoud Bakr calling the viewers to give a rose to the police officers on next January 25 !! Bakr is known for his strange bizarre commentary style and one must be surprised why he suddenly brought up  the police day during the game !!?
Al Ahrar party denounced the protest in an official statement just like the leftist unionist party unsurprisingly that won’t join the protest. “Nobody expected them to actually”
Khaled Said’s mother Mrs. Laila has called the youth to participate in the protest.
From Khaled Said to all Egyptians : go and protest on the 25th
By the way her son’s murder trial was adjourned to February 26th,2011. 
Several activists have detained and later released across the country for spreading flyers calling the people to protest on January 25.
Distributing the flyer after the Friday prayer this week
The workers in Suez have promised to go and protest on the 25th too in a big change in the calm city. The workers in coastal city are angry because the factories there have replaced them with cheap Asian workers creating a huge unemployment in the city of the famous canal 
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  1. Some Muslim clerks preach against standing up to an unjust regime bec we Muslims shldnt go out against the ruler according to their twisted politically serving interpretation of our religion that preaches freedom and encourages individuals to speak the truth and defend justice.

    Some Church figures, preach to their followers, our fellow Christian Egyptians, that protesting is unchristian, we shld pray for the president!! Dnt join other citizens in protesting for justice and a better country! Jesus defended truth, defended those who were made unfree by other humans, he set an example for humanity that as individuals we must defend the truth, justice and equality, we must not be silent.

    Those Sheikhs and those Church Figures betrayed the very basic principles of the religions they are supposed to know better than normal individuals, they all chose to serve a dying figure and by doing so betrayed the Creator of us all.

  2. Legal channels?? smack my butt and call me Shirley!


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