Sunday, January 2, 2011

Who is Behind The Alexandria Explosion !!?

Who is really behind the Alexandria Church attack !!?? Last night after the attack by  couple of hours people have started to accuse foreign parties.
Here are a list with the two main suspects mentioned day and night :
  • Al Qaeda secret cell in Egypt :
  1. Based on the threats Al Qaeda related Iraqi terrorist group issued from two months ago to the Egyptian Orthodox Church.It already re-issued that the threat from two weeks ago.
  2. Based on the fact that the address of the “Two saints” church was mentioned in a list of churches in Egypt to be attacked during the Christmas in Egypt if the church does not comply to the demands of the group at a forum related to Al Qaeda.
  3. Based on the fact that that forum claims now responsibility for the attack.
  4. There was a Salafi protest Friday morning calling the state to search the churches for weapons.

"Screen Cap source : Demaghak"
  • The Israeli Mossad :
  1. Despite some consider it ridiculous , yet many fingers are pointing to our neighbor and its intelligence services including indirect official
  2. Israel can be angry for exposing not only their kung Fu spy but rather their important golden spy in Damascus and their agents in Lebanon , do not underestimate the blow the Mossad suffered in Damascus.
  3. The statements of Aviv  Kohavi that Israel since 1979 managed to destabilize Egypt especially from sectarian level that any president after Mubarak will be able to stabilize Egypt.According to their own point of view”
  4. This would not be the first time Israel would launch a covert operations to destabilize Egypt , we got the Lavon affair as a real live example.
  5. Israel will not rest except turning Egypt in another Lebanon or Sudan or Yemen.
  6. Israel is using the Al Qaeda puppet to destroy Iraq and Egypt.
  7. Of course thanks to the Shark conspiracy theory and our official bad record in lying, people around the world may disbelieve this theory even if it is true.
Some people I know believe that the regime is behind that act based on the following facts :
  • Mubarak needs a good reason to apply the emergency laws again in this critical year for him and his son.
  • He needs to remind the West that he protects the Christians from crazy Islamist radicals.
  • Why there was not enough protection for that Church compared to other Churches last night !!?? Why the security let that green car to be parked at that church where it does not allow cars to be parked at other churches especially in this feasts season !!??
  • Why did this Church in particular !!?
  • The security failure in protecting the citizens is more than suspicious. 
Believe or not I think all theories are logic despite how mad they are.
The MOI believes that it is a suicide bomber act not a car bomb , the green car was used to transfer the suicide bomber because if it had the bomb , it would be completely damaged. I do not know how they can confirm the suicide bomber theory thought because logically his body will be gone with the wind.
According to security experts this is the second operation where suicide bombers are being used in Egypt , it happened in 1990s I think in an attempt to kill the minister of interior. If it was a car bomb , it will be the first in Egypt.

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  1. @Z: did you read what was posted at the Khaled Said fb page? A screen shot taken form the wall of the fb page called the first suicider in 2011? Very interesting and the person behind the page was talking about an incident which will be in the news in a couple of hrs, his message was left around 10 pm!!


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