Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Counter Strike At City Stars

I was quite shocked when I knew that there are special forces at Heliopolis , protecting City Stars , I would not believe it except when I see it by own eyes. But thanks to our friends in the Facebook , we know that the army special forces are at Heliopolis , at City Stars.
Courtesy :  Ahmad Salah 

Courtesy: Ahmad Salah 
Courtesy : Ahmed Salah 
Courtesy : Ahmed Salah 
They can scare any child in this counter strike outfits  , I can stop thinking if a little baby girl sees them !!
There are two points I must clear :
1// City Stars is located besides army buildings and even an army compound for army and intelligence officers.In fact I have always wondered that one of the buildings in front of the City stars had restricted area no photos where as City Stars got two hotels any foreign would see from his balcony what is behind this wall
2// These are the notorious 777 , what are they doing in the street ?? in fact why are they in the street at !!? It will be insulting to them to protect City starts or even the army compounds and buildings.
God bless the 777 , God bless the army , God bless Egypt and long live City Stars !!


  1. I just found out about the wikileaks revelations on General Soliman wanting Gaza to "go hungry but not starve". I think that the regime deliberatly kept the Egyptian poor (who are literally banned from entering city stars) in a similar state of living hand to mouth so they would have no time to think about resisting oppression. Bas alkabt yuwalid al infijar.

  2. I'm not sure what they are doing there, but since their mission is counter-terrorism, I could make a pretty good guess :)

  3. Good blog and articles. I have some more insights into the truth about this and related situations in the USA.

    Good Cop, Bad Cop, Once Again

    Mr. Obama's administration and those that pull his strings from the shadows think that no one can pierce their lies, or at least do anything effective to stop them. As I have said before, arrogance makes you stupid...

    Make sure other people understand the nature of the game he and others are playing against the whole world.

    Here is Wisdom...

  4. Actually I thought they were there because City Stars is an important complex since there are 2 hotels there and many multinational companies in addition to the shopping mall which is still the only one that weren't touched if we need to save some of our foreign investments we might need to protect it. But I thought that I will see the 777 task force at Smart Village for example as I believe this is a very strategic location as well, however in SV all are regular army troops which makes it weird cause all the presence around City Stars are either 777 or normal commandos personnel.

  5. Egyptian museum?world's most valuable treasures?the Saqarra complex?central bank and coffers?they get protected by vigilantes hours before the army shows up.. but citystars which is basically a mall requires a deltaforce!

  6. Well, Before jumping to conclusions... one must take the following into consideration
    1- City Stars is a shopping icon, hence its a premium Target for Looters (even more than the Egyptian museum!)
    2- Its sending a message to Foreign Investors Maybe that Tier-1 forces are used to protect their assets...

  7. mmm... I was wondering what happened to City Star in all of this

  8. They look like American commandos. Are you sure they are Egyptian. Look like imports to me. Notice no facial features evident and they are extremely tall. American tall. Not Arab tall.


    2. it say on there uniform Egyptian volts and egyptians are tall BTW ee are not originaly arabs

  9. Who owns City Stars?

  10. @Anonymus: what do u mean they dont look Egyptian? Egyptians r a mix of many diff ethnicities..turks, caucus, arabs, african,nubian..ur theory is retarded buddy! but most "anonymous posts usually are"

  11. I will not rule out the possibility that they are not Egyptians. One or two may be, In any case these forces should not be there, completely hooded, Why is the Army not doing it? is it because the Army is still sitting on the fence, hence use hooded special forces to "protect the state", in that case these forces could be a mix, as in Iraq, Afghanistan etc.. on an "assistance" basis, make of this what you will, but rule out nothing.

  12. The first photo, both not Egyptians. The second Photo, this guy is not Egyptian. The third Photo, two of them are Egyptians, at least one of them is not.

  13. All 777 unit personnel are quite tall actually..in plain clothes they look like handball players. very dumb to assume they are yanks cause of height. Egyptian army will not allow foreign forces in Cairo, they previously rejected a special marines to evacuate the U.S. embassey but they will allow U.S forces to protect citystars?

    "mr.president..the country is revolting"
    -" call the americans immediately we need them to protect shopping arcades!!"

    very dumb thinking..right?

  14. Here is a list of quick changes that Egypt must implement at least to indicate to the Egyptian people thta it means business when it comes to reform:
    1 - Free press and media (ASAP)
    2 - Release political Prisonners (ASAP)
    3 - outlaw torture (ASAP)
    4 - change the constitution
    5 - reorganise the police force and train the
    police to recognise the civil and
    democratic right of the Egyptian citizen
    6 - complete political reform
    7 - total economic reform and help for private
    enterprize to flourish
    9 - the building of a new knowledge based Egypt
    10 - institute a political system that holds
    those in power accountable to the

  15. In photo 3, the one on the far left looks a lot like a woman, especially when you enlarge it.

  16. I don't think it's about city stars, there are several Egyptians intelligence buildings in that block and there's a building that belongs to the army known as building 777... so maybe it's related to that

  17. Let me just assure u this people I live in that area & all were shock troops & proudly 777 troops ALL EGYPTIAN, NON-FEMALE & definitely not imported

    As for some anonymous comments : the 777 & 999 special forces are picked from shock troops as seals are picked in the US & the SAS in the UK based on very harsh standards they are required to enter with qualifications near to superman :D

    & about guarding city stars was because 1-it's worth Billions of Dollars not Egyptian pounds & it has two hotels plus this block has some intelligence buildings & leads to two military administrations for air defense bureau & military supply administration bureau

    I hope i made it clear to everyone & VIVA LA REVOLUTION

  18. If I am not mistaken the land was land owned by the military and sold to Sharbatly of Saudi Arabia. Whether the military still has a stake or not, as they do with many business activities in Egypt, I don't know.


  19. hhhhh how come they are not egyptian....... r u kidding i was there i see Special forces insignia
    777 team ( sa3ka)

  20. If any1 still have doubts if are thy egyptian or not? , In Zamalek there was a small squad of them there & I actually met and talked to 2 of them without their masks & head gear, so I'v seen their faces and heights, thy r good looking well mannered 'Egyptians' Not foreign, thy may train alongside other international squads but thy are egyptians

  21. I'm glad that we have special forces in Egypt, and that's why I always heard that the Egyptian army rocks :D

    God bless you :D (( ashta 7ta keda men film 3arby ))

  22. Nice Post , Is it women in 3rd picture ? if you enlarge any way nice post also can you post about counter strike 2.0 , thanks :)


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