Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Follow up : Police Killed General Mohamed El-Batran

Wael Abbas published recordings with prisoners from Qata prison who are speaking the inhuman treatment and the massacre they facing from January 26, 2011.
There is a very particular recording that made me stop , this recording is the testimony of some unnamed prisoner who claimed that General Mohamed El-Batran was killed by the police itself at Qata prison. According to this unnamed prisoner El-Batran was shot down along with his assistant by police snipers from the prison’s tower.
From Wael Abbas : A prisoner’s testimony
This proves me theory that El-Batran was killed by the police because he stood against the plan of the MOI to release the prisoners in order to terrorize us in Egypt . Still it is strange thing because according to this recording El-Batran was killed at Qata  not at Abi Zabaal or Fayoum as was claimed officially.
The murder of El- Batran should be investigated immediately by the general prosecutor ASAP.
The photo of late general El-Batran has joined the photos of the martyrs at Tahrir.

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  1. According to VP Soliman in his State TV interview it was 'foreign forces' that let all the prisoners free. Wouldn't you fear for the national security of your country if some foreign forces could just come in and open the prisons all over the country and free 14.000 prisoners??? I mean - did they get the keys to the prisons at Cairo Airport at Arrivals, or just how is that supposed to have happened, Mr. Soliman?
    There is def. more than just one question and case to be cleared up here by the GP! Who was really involved in letting the prisoners out? And who in high places gave the order for that? Book it on Habib al-Adly. He is facing charges anyhow and then at least no further questions will be asked? Yes - that would be the way it usual is done. Hopefully the NEW EGYPT is not going to accept that.


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