Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Omar Soliman tells Christiane Amanpour About the agenda

Omar Soliman sat with Christiane and had that very short interview which was aired on ABC. This was the second televised interview for general Soliman after being the VP. The first interview was with the Egyptian TV and surprisingly this interview is much worse than the first interview. This is his first interview in a foreign channel after being the VP.

You can watch the interview after the break , I do not want to the home page to load more.

The culture of democracy and Egypt

It is good to know that Omar Soliman knows that he can’t run for presidency according to the current constitution because simply he is just like Dr. ElBaradei can’t become a president because he is not a member of any party. It is no wonder that Mubarak is speaking about amending constitutional article no.76 . It is also good to know that Omar Soliman knows that he is an old man who should not run for the office.

These were the only good two points in the whole interview while the rest it is bad to worse to worst.  It seems that Soliman is from the old school in 1960s that believes what he says in foreign media does not reach to the people in the country , he does not understand that we will watch this interview and react to it before the Americans do.

Soliman insists that there are foreign powers with agendas behind these protests , in fact he believes that the so-called “Islamic current” is behind the protests in Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria , Syria, Jordan and Yemen !! He is not insulting us alone but he is insulting the people of these countries especially in Tunisia , our people in Tunisia !!! I can believe that the man is using Islamphobia to scare the west form democratic revolutions in the East !!

Also one must ask him , you were the spy chief and the minister of national security for nearly 16 years why you did not stop dangerous schemes !!?? Is not this a shortage from your side !!? You should not be a VP nor president but rather you should be standing in front a committee in the parliament to explan how this so-called disaster took place and how he let the whole nation to foreign infiltration in this way !! 

The huge insult which made the general lose more and more popularity not to mention any creditability with the youth “ whom he thinks they are deceived” or the political parties “ he negotiates with”  or the people “ that he currently rule as unofficial president”  is when he said  THE EGYPTIAN PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE DEMOCRACY WHEN THEY UNDERSTAND THE CULTURE OF DEMOCRACY !!

So the general believes that we do not understand the culture of democracy !!? we are bunch of idiots , ignorant sheep who do not understand the culture of democracy !!? How he knew that ? Who gave the right to judge the people !!?

So what is the culture of democracy in his perspective !!? The NDP culture of democracy or the military culture of democracy !!? Amanpour should dare and ask him what that culture of democracy is !!?

Soliman is just like the rest of the old regime , he is too arrogant to respect the Egyptian people , he is too arrogant to accept the fact that he is working for the people not the people working for him according to the real culture of democracy.

What Soliman said about the so-called the lack of that culture of democracy is just like what former PM Nazif once said also to American media : Egyptians are not politically mature !!

I am sorry General Soliman but you should know better than us as you have joined the war school in 1954 that we had a great and real democratic culture before

Soliman fears the culture of democracy because he knows he can lose his position if there is a real democracy.

I do not want to be rude but his interview made me so so so so angry to level you can’t imagine it. The army should find another man to talk with , seriously no Mubarak, no Soliman. I repeat it again this man can’t be our president , we do not want him , the army must not protect the interests of bunch of generals but rather protect the country and the people. The army must protect the democracy.

Wikileaks has released new cables showing how Israel preferred Soliman after Mubarak and currently human rights activists worldwide are insisting that the man is involved in the scandal of CIA outsourced prisoners. “ Of course Al Adly and his state security bastards were not alone involved’

Thanks to General Soliman Egyptians restored our sense of humor which Mubarak killed , you can’t imagine the amount of jokes made after he talked about the agendas of the protesters or those parties infiltrating Al Tahrir. 


  1. A person in charge of any organization who thinks that his/her subordinates are the children of a lesser God, should re-think their values.

  2. إذا كان عمر سليمان صادقاً في أنه لا يريد للرئيس أن يتنحي حتي لا يهين أحد أبطال أكتوبر، فلماذا تعاون مع مبارك و سجن الفريق سعد الشاذلي 3 سنوات... ألشاذلي كان رئبس أركان الجيش و الرأس المدبر لحرب أكتوبر و كان قائد مبارك و سليمان و بالرغم من ذلك سجنوه

  3. I was especially struck by Omar Suleiman's statement that under this (illegitimate) constitution, he can't be president.

    Now we know why Hosni is pretending that Gamal hasn't left Egypt, and why Gamal has not resigned from the NDP!

  4. Yes, you said it "too arrogant" that was loud and clear. It is so sad and disgusting that somebody like him is speaking in an age were our young children have bypassed him decades ago. All power to you Egypt, you have always led the way in your progressive actions for the entire Arab would to follow. Stay strong and you will and shall WIN.

  5. Instead of accusing others of "foreign agendas", Soliman should be focused on his own foreign agenda exposed by Weakileaks:
    1)"who spoke daily to the Tel Aviv government via a secret "hotline" to Cairo"
    2) "suggested that Israeli troops would be "welcome" to invade Egypt"

  6. Well spoken, Zeinobia. You put it in a nutshell. This interview is an insult to the Egyptian people. As if they were small ignorant children that you have to send off to bed but don't have to listen to. And it seems, he actually believes that.
    His time is over. You can see it in his face. He has lost any contact to the reality of the people of Egypt, especially the young.

  7. This is my 1st time to read your blog, I really admire your interpretation for the speech and I agree with you totally.
    please keep up the good work.

  8. mr who wrote that first
    does the egyption community ready for democracy??
    if you says yes then you dont leave in egypt and you dont no anything

    what do you know about omar soliman except that you heard about him in the last 2 month when he is a vp or when he was meeting with fat7 and 7amas

    soliman as you know he was the spy cheif 17 years and i dont think that you know information more than he know
    and if he said that there is agendas i think that he was not joking (there is a spys in egypt caught was spying for the moussad ) i think you know this info
    omar soliman said that ان حركة ٢٥ يناير نجحت فى احداث تغير 


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