Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mohamed ElBaradei Writes to Financial Times his vision to the next Phase of Egypt’s revolution

Mohamed ElBaradei wrote to Financial Times his vision to the next phase of Egypt’s revolution and it is worth to be read because so important. Dr. ElBaradei outlines a plan of 4 steps as the next phase of the democratic transition in Egypt.

  1. Having a provisional constitution guaranteeing  equal rights and basic freedoms, and outlining the purposes and limited authorities of the transitional government
  2. A three-person presidential council should be formed to lead the transition. Two of its members should be civilians, neither of whom should have ties to the old regime. The third should be from the military.
  3. A caretaker government of highly qualified people of unquestionable integrity, to provide the continuation of basic services, replacing elements of the old regime that have lost credibility.
  4. All residual instruments of the outgoing dictatorship should be abolished

Dr. ElBaradei spoke about one year transitional period and why it is better than 6 months , he also spoke about the Muslim brotherhood as he always does in international media to end that myth of Muslim brotherhood’s myth.

Dr. ElBaradei has said this before and he is insisting on it and this is why I respect him more any other politician in Egypt because unlike other politicians he did not change his opinions over and over on the contrary.

I do not understand why the AFC has not met yet with Dr. ElBaradei nor why Dr. ElBaradei is still barred from Egyptian channels and the state owned TV. We have not seen a single interview with since the fall of Mubarak despite long time blacklisted personalities like Heikal have come back to our national TV screen after decades of absence. By the way there is a new Facebook page calling the AFC to meet with Dr. ElBaradei.

This is not a youth only revolution and as a young person in Egypt I trust Dr. ElBaradei as negotiator with the AFC more than any youth delegation. I trust the AFC’s generals and their intentions unlike many people currently in Egypt yet I do not understand why they do open a direct channel with Mohamed ElBaradei instead of talking with Dr. Mustafa Al Nagar and Shady Harb from his campaign “ I trust both of them sincerely”


  1. ElBaradei maintained his view point because it was a matured idea when he first said it and is validated by time. Experience pays. The idealism, dedication and energy of the youth is needed, along with wisdom and vision of seasoned figures such as ElBaradei. I'm glad many in Z's generation find him credible, this leads to a winning team.

    Some criticized him for his short residency in Egypt, yet this also works in his favor. Reason is he is not 'contaminated' with the ills of the failed regime. Very little number can claim this credit. I realize the sensitivity of AFC dealing with him, he constitutes a real alternative and a potential commander in-chief. Dealing with him is a real purge of Mubark's shadow.

  2. I have respect Dr. ElBaradei. This man truly loves his country and didnt want anything in written except the best for his people and country. He is not greedy like others who now starting to jump on the wagon to be seen as leaders! and does not mean he is away most of his life out side Egypt he is not a good leader. there are so many intellectual Egyptians who are also in the same spot as Dr. ElBaradei because with mubarak regime they will lock down away in a dungeon and will not be appreciated for their genious ideas or suggestions! Even Dr. Ahmed Zuweil lives most his time out side USA too but people seems to accept him more that Dr. ElBaradei which I find to be ridiculous! I hope Mr Mahmoud Saad will interview Dr ElBaradei on his show since he did already with Dr. Ahmed Zuweil.

  3. Huh? Is Mohamed ElBaradei still banned from appearing on TV?


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