Monday, March 28, 2011

Libyan Revolution : Eman of Libya

Eman El-Obeidi has become of the one faces of Libyan revolution just like late Mohamed Nabbous . We do not know if she is alive or dead or rather was killed like what one of her cousin implied but still her proud mother told the reporters that she talked to her on the phone. Eman’s mother Mrs. Aisha Ahmed , the lady who lives currently in Tobruk revealed that the regime contacted her and offered money if she changed her story the thing which she totally refused.
Now some officials in Libya claim in the Washington Post that Eman is a prostitute and that it was a wild night that went totally wrong so Eman is not mentally unstable now !! Same thing was implied at Sky News’ report about those arrests in Tripoli after the incident at the Rixos hotel.  Regarding foreign media , you must know that Arabs admire the action of the foreign reporters and many comments online praise their bravery against the Qaddafi men.
Eman’s parents are proud and said that she did what men failed to do against Qadadafi , her family supports her in a great move as she did not bring disgrace to them like what the Qaddafi media and orphans are spreading offline and online. The family is insisting that Eman is sane unlike what the Qaddafi media claimed showing her photos as a graduate of law school who was studying for her master.
This video below is from Libyan National TV which I posted before , only this time it is translated. TV hostess Hala Misuraty should stay at her home and leave media altogether.

The law graduate who works in tourism company in Tripoli has opened many wounds whether in Libya or in the Arab world or in the third world in general if we are going to speak about rape victims.
Now here is online international petition asking the UN and the Turkish consulate to protect Eman.
The Libyan revolutionaries are currently near from Sirt , the homeland of Qaddafi while a group of Libyan  army’s units in Kufrah have already announced that they joined the revolutionaries. This means that the whole East of Libya is liberated from Qaddafi’s control.
The first aid ship has just arrived to the Misurate harbor with food and medical supplies to the city that suffered a lot. The Egyptians in Misurata have sent another SOS through the media that they were being used human shields by Qaddafi troops. Here is a collection of photos from the city before the revolution and the attack of Qaddafi troops.
The Egyptians in Sabha are asking for help as they want to leave the city but the Qaddafi troops prevent them from doing north. There are about 500 Egyptians who want to leave Sabha.
The Qaddafi’s navy is still a threat in the West. The Qaddafi regime is playing a game with the revolutionaries and international with its announcement that it will cease fire when it attacks and shells cities. 
This translated video below shows a group of Libyans captured and terribly abused by Qadddafi troops.

Qatar has recognized the TNC of Libya , it also offered to manage the Libyan  is liberated oil in a big economic move I do not know why everybody is ignoring. Qatar is showing off its military powers , as political powers in this revolution unlike any other Arab country.

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  1. By the way, Gaddafi's "voluptuous blonde" Ukrainian nurse wants to return to Libya to be by his side. Noticias 24 says Gaddafi knocked her up and she wants him to be there when the baby is born. Original Spanish or Google's English translation.

    Zeinobia, I'm disappointed in you for censoring my innocuous link from your post "A slap that restored to the Arabs their dignity" to the classic "How can she slap?!" video. It was amusing and on-topic. You keep me on a shorter leash than most of your commenters, my dear. ;)


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