Saturday, March 12, 2011

SSGate : The SS detainees

There is  a debate currently about the detainees of state security especially at the Nasr City. I do not know if there were detainees found at the underground prisons or not to be honest. The news up till now is contradicting as we got newspapers saying that the the delegation from the general attorney found nothing except empty cells , some it got blood on the walls !!
On the other hand we got renowned judge Zachariah Abdel Aziz speaking about 14 girls and 25 young men found at the underground cells on air on TV “ As you may know he went there and promised not to leave except when detainees were freed “ and writer Belal Fadl also spoke about a man who spent 14 years there in detention also on air in different TV shows as far as I remember on that night. 
All what I wrote about the detainees  was based upon the testimonies of the activists who went there just like Sohair Abaza who filmed what she believed the moments when they heard noise coming from underneath them. It was not staged as someone bloody accused us. You did not know what these underneath cells were used for and how many Egyptian was tortured there.
Here is the video again showing from the people trying to get to the cells after hearing people underneath , it could not be unreal.
Prisoners underground at the SS HQ at Nasr City district
I believe judge Abdel Aziz because he has no reason to lie but I wonder why the people did not record with these detainees as soon as they released. If you stumble on any video for the detainees of Nasr city SS HQ, please share it with us.
The footage and photos from that floor of cells showed no detainees , still in one of the clips we see food let there in a hurry , the rice was still fresh. The ex-detainees described his fearful experience on how after being electrified the officers used to give the detainees Dettol to clean themselves and how he was blindfolded and handcuffed with no clothes for days in a small cell.
One of the ex-detainees of the Nasr City SS
Again this was at one floor and judge Abdel Aziz did not arrived there at that time.
You must know that the SS HQ in Nasr City is one of the biggest SS HQs buildings in the country , it was the central HQ and You also must know that the underground floors were not all found on that day. Already Egyptian writer Belal Fadl asked the architect of that bloody building Farouk El-Gowhary to give us a detailed blue print for the building to find these secret hidden offices and cells. “What kind of a person is that who design something he knew that it would be used for evil for the most the time !!? I mean what was that man thinking when he designed these inhuman cells !!? “
FYI that big enormous complex was built at time of Habib Al Adly and I believe personally that was spent annually from maintenance cost on it was more than what was spent on  GIS and military intelligence buildings all over the country !!!
Already detainees were found at the underground prison of Alexandria SS HQ according to what I understood and knew.And there were skeletons found at the Damanhur SS HQ !! yup you read it right skeletons were found underground the Damanhur SS HQ !!
4 skeletons inside State security HQ at Damanhur
They are not shown clearly in that video that was taken in the early days of the revolution when the people stormed the SS HQ in the city .That SS HQ was called “The museum of tyrannies” and first leaked SS documents were from there.
Why I am bringing this up again because Ziad Bikar and other were detained at that HQ according to what we have known and Ziad allegedly suddenly appeared at the morgue after the fall  of SS. Some people were saying that detainees were transferred just like important documents to other unknown locations. These unknown locations included the infamous secret prisons . The new minister of interior admits that and he even called the revolutionaries to attack them. It seems that either he is trying to defuse the people’s anger or he truly does not the whereabouts of these prisons.
I think all the architects who participated in building these prisons should come out and share with us the blue prints with gates of hells on earth !! It is their duty now !!
The secret locations of SS officers began to surface like for instance like that secret prison underground at the Abdeen Palace. It seems that the basements and warehouses of Abdeen Palace is being used by state security to torture the detainees !! Oh yes our former royal palace and famous presidential palace was being used by SS !!

This short interview filmed by “Egyptians against corruption” group with one of the alleged detainees. 15 years old Abdel Fatah Mahmoud was detained  on February 10th and was allegedly tortured by the SS for 22 days. The members of the famous anti-corruption organization made a small protest of 5 ladies in front of the palace last week and talked with one of the majors who promised to escalate the matter to the AFC. No wonder that Mubarak did not like to live there !!
We need to report this to the general attorney not only the AFC ASAP in order to open an investigation and send some one to see the warehouses and basements of Abdeen palace.  P.S : what is the fate of that Mubarak’s museum at Abdeen Palace ?
Other way we must put this file in front of our eyes because up till there are families that do not know the fate of their children.


  1. Great site, friend, promoted it on my Fan page. I'm a Brazilian blogger and educator, my name's Carlos.

  2. Z another good report. Doesn't make sense when the food are still fresh and I saw some video on Youtube showing lots of blankets on the floors and fresh bread with fresh vegies and foul in a tray and by the look of those blankets and food, I have the feeling the people in that cell were moved in a hurry!!! the DA should investigates all the palaces underground or ware houses and those detained SS Officers should be press to talk the where abouts of those detainess! It is really sad that a lot of parents and families to those detained didnt know the were abouts of their loved ones. I pray that God protect them and we will get info about them ASAP before they were killed or found in other morgue too!!!

  3. Not only "ordinary" Egyptians but even some police officers have fallen victims to SS criminal brutality and reign of terror.
    Stories are now surfacing of SS officers kidnapping, detaining and torturing police officers, as part of personal vendettas for reasons as silly as arguing about a seat in a train !!!!!!!
    Here are some of those personal accounts:


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